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Roast Beast w/ Qview

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This is the third roast beef I have done now. Along the way I have learned a lot including the proper way to foil meat. My last attempt I decided to use an aluminum pan and then tent the top with foil. Imagine my surprise the next day when I pulled it out of the fridge to slice and the aluminum pan was half full of juice. Those who went with me to Windrock a few weeks ago noticed I had a large bag labeled "Roastbeef (dry)" that I used for sammiches. That is the one I put in the pan to rest and created a foil tent above. This last attempt was perfect and having the slicer was so much better than trying to cut by hand with a knife.

Roastbeef after using my special roastbeef rub, having been smoked with oak over lump charcoal for 5 hours, and then rested for 24 hours in the fridge before slicing.

Half sliced.

All sliced up.

Table cleaned off and ready to bag.

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I have yet to try roast beef. Mostly because I don't own a slicer and that seems to be a key factor. Pulling off the smoke is just going to be trial and error until I'm able to nail down the process. But having those nice, paper thin slices looks absolutly delicious.

points.giffor a successful smoke. And for sammies for a good long time for you.
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Don't let the lack of slicer stop ya. My first attempt I cut it all by hand and while it took a while to do, the nice thick slices were great as sammiches.
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Nice Job...That is some fine beef my friend....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Excellent post my friend. That roast looks great, especially after it's been sliced so nice. Points to you today!
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That is some fine looking beef, at what temp did you pull it from the smoker?PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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140* so probably a few more degrees for carryover. And to think they charge $8/lbs for an inferior product at the grocery store. biggrin.gif
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Looks great, congrats..

Did you use the non-serrated blade for that or just the regular one?

Mine didn't come with the non-serated blade, and having just got done slicing up a pastrami, I've decided to order one for those ultra thin slices..
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Hey Solar, Great lookin roast beef and real nice smoke ring ya got there!!!points.giffor a really nice smoke!!!

How thin are ya slicin it??? Like paper or thicker slices???
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I only have the blade that came with it. I like my slices a little thicker so it works well for me. I wasn't aware there were more blades for it. Got a link?

They are about 1/16" thick. I like my roast beef slices to be thicker and about 6 months ago would get it from the grocery store deli that way. I wonder if they miss me? biggrin.gif
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I have done a bunch of sirloin tip roast for slicing and sandwiches. And your look great there Joel. You will love that slicer. I cann't remember the last time we bought lunch meat. I do like your smoke ring and that you slice it alittle thicker I like it that way too. I'm a firm believer that if you are going to own and use a smoker alot you have to go an get a vacuum sealer and a good slicer.
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Sorry I missed this thread. That's some excellent looking beef! Thanks for the pics.
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Awesome roast beast!!!Points to you! points.gif
I hope I can smoke some beast as good as you can!Later SOB
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Vacuum sealer is on the list of things to get. Might have to sell the Jeep to fund this hobby.
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You said you now know the proper way to foil meat...Could you enlighten me so I can be sure to get it right when I try a Tip roast.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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bump bump bump
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