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Need some info on a smoker

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I have been thinking about buying a electric smoker I seen one at lowes it is a masterbuilt. I dont know anything about a masterbuilt so I thought I would come home and read up on it first. The first review I read never buy one it cought on fire during it's first use. So am like ok better not buy this one. out of 13 reviews that was posted I think 7 was bad. So if of you all out there that may have a masterbuilt electric smoker and that thinks it would be a good one to buy let me know and what problems a may run into if any...And if there are some of you out there dont think that they are good let me know. thanks for your time and help..
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I have had my Masterbuilt MES for about a year with no problems.
I use it at least once a week year round.
Am using it right now smoking a Ribeye Roast. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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i had an electric brinkman for about three years and it worked very welll got it from bass pro shops that had the prefab disks of wood only displeasure i had with it was it did not want to get over 250 if you put much meat in it
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I haven't personally done this, but I bet if you just typed "materbuilt" or for sure "MES" into the search feature - you'd find plenty of info.

LOTS of folks on this site use, and would recommend the MES (Masterbuilt Electric Smoker)

Probably more of them are used by people on here than any other electric smoker.

If a watt-burner is what you are after, I'm sure the MES is will work for you.
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Here are some reviews from QVC.

I like mine but some of us have had some problems with the wiring.
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