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Do the propane smokers use a lot of gas. I can't decide whether to go charcoal or propane
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i get about 30 hours from each tank of propane.
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yes they do, i find i get like three days worth from one tank, and tanks are about 20 apiece here, i want to convert mine to natural gas but dont know how my electric was nice and easy but its nice to have a flame
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same for me, and refills are $18 here...
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Depending on the size of the smoke I'm using, the weather and the cook chamber temps I'm running, I can get between 30 and 50+ hours.

Refills from a local bulk retailer run between 10 and 12 bucks for a 20# tank, depending on the seasonal price.

Charcoal costs me 3 to 4 times as much as propane, but I like the flavor it gives to my food.

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I am newbie who currently uses a Brinkmann Smoke and Grill bullet. I need more room. Trying to decide between charcoal and gas for my neww smoker purchase.
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While I have enjoyed my propane smoker(holds a steady temp, and the price was right), I just bought a WSM, I missed smoking with lump and wood(although with my GOSM, I use a large cast iron pan instead of the chipbox, that I load up with lump, and wood chunks).
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My use is about the same as some others, 28-30 hours on a tank that cost me about $18 to refill. Charcoal use can add up real quick, not to mention the storage space. As far as flavoe is concerned, I burn RO lump and chunks in my GOSM.
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not sure on the hours a lot better then i thought and i am lucky my refills are only 9.95 and about 1 mile from the house
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One a each!biggrin.gif Got a gosm, works great, built a drum, works great! Buildin more drums an a electric fridge conversion fer sausage, bacon an hams.
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