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turkey moisture

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I have smoked a 3lb turkey breast and the moisture was unbelevable it took about 4.5 hours next I will smoke a 6.5 lb breast and I fugure it to take about 8 or 9 hours to get to temp any tips on how to keep the bird from drying out i will brine for 6 -8 hours only due to a 15% salt soultion already added? I keep my temp at 225-250 in a gas smoker
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That seems like a very long time to smoke a turkey breast my friend. If you brine the breast, you should be able to kick the heat up to 300-325 and finish it in a couple hours, with the benefit of a nice crisp skin.
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Agreed, kick up the heat a bit on the bird as the lower the temp will also put the bird at risk of being in the danger zone, temperature-wise. Also, don't be afraid to baste or spritz the bird while it's smoking.
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I have good luck with higher temps. Read before that low fat meats (poultry) should be cooked faster to keep them from drying out. Seems to work for me. Keeps the skin crispy too.
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hey clint,
i did a turkey and posted it 10-26-09, look it up, i inject with oil and beer then wrap with cheesecloth, it is so moist when i finish after about twelve hours in
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I also use high heat on all poultry, I don't see a need/benefit for low and slow on birds.
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I'll just echo what everyone else has already said: 275-325 is a good range for poultry. Shouldn't take more that a couple of hours, and if you brine it first it'll come out flavorful and juicy.
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Did a 6 hr. brined breast with a bacon weave draped over it. Turned out awesome.
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What was the temp of the meat when you pulled it out?
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I've always injected my turkey's with a variety of things (depending on the day, what I had on hand, and what mood I was in). Always turned out juicy doing that. Good luck with it.
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I pulled it at 180° internal, then wrapped it in foil and let it rest for about 45 min. in a cooler.
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thought I was replying to the originator of the thread.........deleted the response
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I've always taken a bird no farther then 165. 180 seems way high. Just MHO.
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I would brine the breast too and then do a bacon eother slices and lay over the breast and pull them off near the end to chrisp up the skin. Or you can do a weave to the bacon and then ley it over the breast and your'l be just fine. Have you tried a turkey breast with the bones in it they also are done the same way brine smoke eat. But they are to me alot easier and they also come out really moist.
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