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Spares, Tips, Skirt, Hot Links & ABT's w- Qview

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Went shopping for some pork at a paradise for pork lovers in Chicagoland. Peoria meatpacking. They also have chicken, beef, and some fish, but pork is where they excel, everything snout to tail is offered, and whole pigs are available with a days notice. No pictures of inside, since it is frowned upon, but the meat area is in a cold room with butts, spares, bb's, whole 3 foot sections of bone in pork loins, raw hams, etc just layed out on tables stacked high with pork. Customers wear plastic gloves to pick through and find the piece to your liking.

I purchased (1) slab of spares that came in @ 5#, for $1.49/lb. Also some fres Texas hot links for $1.59lb. I also got some chicken wings from a large bin 4.5 lbs @ $1.89/lb. The last meat itme I got was frozen boxes of hot links, buy one get one free $5.98 for both boxes. My mom got me a whole boneless pork loin, and she picked up some fresh ground beed, and pork chops for herself. My daughter liked the pigs heads on display, and we all had a good time

From the small amarket I got some jalapenos as well.

Hot links:

fresh stash:

fresh links:



I will be trimming down the spares and smoking the spares as well as the tips and skirt. The fresh hot links will be done today as well.

For my ABT's I am going to use kilbasa, and cream cheese with smoked garlic and green onion added.

Pics of prep, cooking, and finished products to follow, I have to get to the store to get a few items, and a refill on my back-up propane tank.
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Man that is quite a haul, looks like you will be having to use that GOSM a lot between now and Christmas...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I froze most of the chicken wings, but got talked into doing a few for lunch, used a buddys rub on those.

I trimmed down the spares, and the wings, the spares, some garlic, and kilbasa are on now. Tips and skirt will go on in a few hours, as well as the ABT's, and Hot links. my rub on the spares, and tips

im downloading my prep pics now.
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Now that almost ounds like heaven for sure. I would have gone crazy too with the deals. I just got my membership to resturant depot and it way also like heaven and the prices on some stuff as good and others it wasn't. But you had all the other things that are needed for the resturant/catering bussiness could use.
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I agree, I spent like $26, and I saw some folks with carts loaded with stuff with tabs over $200, I figured big party, big freezer, or business owners.
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prep pics:

untrimmed spares(5+ lb. slab):



rubbed spares:

rubbed tips:

rubbed wings:

abt ingredients(parsley, green onion, garlic for smoking, kilbasa, cream cheese, jalepenos):

jalapenos boated:

garlic pre smoke:


more to follow,.. tips will go on in a while, as well as the hot links. ABT assembly & smoking as well.

thanks for looking.
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Man that is some serious food there...wow...I'll be right over
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Good grief, what a feast...what a haul! Congratulations on your trip to the store and what you brought home. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Those ribs looked wonderful, too!
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thanks folks, just pulled thew wings, kilbasa, and garlic off the smoker.

tossed the tips, and skirt on. to be joined in about 30-45 minutes by the the hot links, and then the ABT's
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One nice smoke you have going on today, what did you sprinkle on the garlic? Looked good enough to eat raw.
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just a little bit of rub, under that is a drizzle of veg oil.

got some mid-smoke pics downloading now.
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cream cheese mix ing.:

ABT assembly:

hot links:


cant wait for dinner, more pics to follow.
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Looks fantastic!
Did you fry the wings at all or just straight smoke?
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straight smoke, about 2 hours @ 230-250.
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pretty happy with the results, tasty pork, nice ABT's, and really good Texas hot links.

hot links:

skirt snack:


finished spares:


cut spare:

my plate:

great day of bbq off the GOSM, personally liked the smoke ring on the hot links, and spares. ABTS were almost sweet after all the time on the smoker.

thanks for looking.
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All looks awesome. Congrats.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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thanks eh, a good days work...PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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An excellent result with great qview! points.gif
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thanks red stick,

I am looking forward to the leftovers(all that food was for 3 adults and 1 toddler...

tonight I am chopping up the ABT's, and am going to have them and some of the hot links in a taco with a fried egg on the taco.. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

ABT tacos are one of myu favorite leftover dishes.
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ABT tacos????? Hmmmmmmmm, sounds good!!!!!!!! tongue.gif
Great job on everything Jim, points to ya buddy!!!!!!!points.gif
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