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Opinions Please - Craigslist Find

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Hello friends

I have been looking to get back into charcoal and found this Brinkmann Smoke N Pit on Craigslist. He is asking $90. The pics look like its in decent shape. I would like to have your experienced opinions. Thanks...

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90 seems a bit steap, but it looks to be in good shape.. Many guys on here have those and with a few mods they smoke great!
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I have a New Braunsfel that looks almost exactly like the Brinkman. I love it. This one sells for about 300 new so if it's in good shape your not gonna get hurt at 90.00. I'd offer 75 and see if they will come down any. I would pay $90.00 for the one I have.
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That's one of the older style models with a bigger firebox and door, more robust hinges all the way around and much thicker sheetmetal for the body. Ninety bucks? I'd buy it right away.

Be aware that it will need some mods to be perfect; if you are an SnP lover or like playing around with your smoker, then it's a great buy.

Good find. It appears to be well taken care of.
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I was gonna say it looks like it in pretty good shape for 90.00 and maybe you could get it for 75.00 or something if not I would have a new smoker for 90 bucks.
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I am with these guys offer $75 if they take it great if not it's still worth $90.
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Ehh, not like a steal but still cheaper than new. Haggle. No shame in paying asking price either if you have been looking for that exact machine. It kind of depends on you, your cashflow situation, and how bad you realy need that machine.

Yeah I know...not much help, am I?

Good luck
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I got one for free, come to Louisiana and get it.
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That is the exact same model I own, and I have done many great smokes with it. I picked mine up at Wally World on closeout a few years ago for 120.00. Nice heavy metal, but mods are needed. No worries the mods are easy and pretty cheap. If you don't have a charcoal or stick burner this would be a great start.
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I would offer $50.00 and let him talk you up to $65.00...

Trust me it will work, I buy something off of Craig's list every week.
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What ever you do buy it. Mine is exactly the same and over 12 years it still going.
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Thanks for the comments. I will offer $75 and see what happens. My friend has this exact rig and I like it. The construction is definately heavier gauge than some of the counter parts that I've seen out there.

Now, I will have a new project of making all of the mods! I may need some help...
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SO DO I NOW.... biggrin.gif Paid $60 for it. very thick steel and round just like that Brinkman shown above. I need to pick it up and start MODDING it... I will have a whole FAMILY of New Braunfels smokers once I get this one. icon_cool.gif
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Back to Charcoal for me!

I picked it up today and got it for $50! Now I am looking to do the mods. I am breaking this baby in with my family's bird tomorrow morning! I am glad to be back to charcoal.
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Good Deal...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

icon_mrgreen.gif I told you he would take $50.00, I make a lot of money buying and reselling on Craig's list...
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With a quick trip to Lowe's, I have built a cheap coal basket, 3 bags of lump, & aluminum flashing that I extended the chimney down with. I looked for some sort of sealant for the lid, it has gaps when you close the lid. Dude I bought it from said he wedged a screwdriver between the lid and the shelf in the front that forced it shut. Can you tell me what kind of sealant to look for?

Also put a cookie sheet as a temporary deflector and a couple of bricks in the bottom to prop it up (and help retain heat...double wammy).

Where can I get a good basket like I see you guys have with expanded metal? I sure as heck can't make one. Anyone want to build it and ship it to me for a nominal fee? What about a good baffle and a convection plate?

12# Turkey in Tip's Brine now. Also going to inject. I am antsy...trying to think now of what else I can throw on with the bird that will be "Thanksgiving Friendly"... my family is quite traditional. Ok, I will quit rambling...
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To seal the cook chamber lid you could glue fiberglass rope around the perimeter of the lid with High Temp silicone. Be careful that you dont end up trying to use too thick of a rope/gasket and create another problem of the door not closing at all. (Fiber glass rope=fireplace gasket)

Why couldnt you build your own basket? I am sure that you could. The home centers may have small pieces of expanded metal that you could cut and wire or bolt to your desired sizes. You could also get a fabshop or metal supplier to cut parts to size as needed (Cha-Ching$$$$) Or you could scroung for just the right material or find a suitable substitute in the alley, scrap yard, yard sale.........

The point is dont sell yourself short

As far as anyone else doing it for you and selling it, why not post the dimensions, drawing, discription or such and see if anyone wants to work out an exchange. I might, but I am not 100% clear on the design of that machine and what the numbers of the basket or plates would be
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Ok, you're right. I was thinking lazily. I am going to do it myself.
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Great buy! Here are a few things I did to mine...

1. Fire box insert.
2. Added 1.5" flat bar to rear of fire grate to raise coals (more room for fire, more room for ash).
3. Added another thermometer just below grate on back side in center of pit.
4. Added 22 ga. carbon steel baffle at fire box end of pit to help divert high heat towards center.
5. Extended stack with aluminum duct.
6. Drilled 3 small holes at right side of pit to accomodate digi probes. Eliminates need to shut them in door and sure keeps them working. I have my original probes and head units... almost two years old and still working good.

These mods have made my pit much more stable and predictable than it was out of the box. Before adding the baffle, the fire box end was too hot to cook on... no longer a problem. Prior to adding the stack extension I was measuring ~80 degrees difference between top of pit and rack... now reduced to ~20 degrees difference. Before raising my coal rack, my fire would smother itself out from ash build up during long smokes... now I can burn 10+ pounds of lump plus several sticks of wood before worrying about ash, plus the air flow over the coals is improved.

Anyhow, it is a great pit that is capable of cooking all your favorite goodies. Enjoy!

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