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Smoked Scotch Eggs

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don't really know where to put this but hey it has sausage in it so I'll throw it in here. Made some smoked scotch eggs today. Hard boiled 4 eggs, wrapped each one in 1/4 lb of bulk breakfast sausage, dusted them with a spice mix and rolled them lightly in bread crumbs, put them on the old bullet smoker for a couple of hours

Raw scotch eggs ready to go on the smoker

smoker's nearly ready to go

Here's one of them along with some jerk chicken I was making


and the money shots

smoke ring wasn't pronounced and I can't imagine why, unless the light dusting of bread crumbs blocked that somehow. The bread crumbs did provide a little bit of a "breaded" texture but next time I think I'd leave them off. The sweet creamy wasabi mustard dipping sauce I made for the eggs was a bit on the mild side, next time I'll go with something more assertive. Overall though, very good. And the jerk chicken was outstanding but I'm an old pro at that these days :)
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You did a fine job with the chicken and the eggs. It sounds like you have alittle tweaking to do but after all thats how we all learned is to smoke eat and make adjustments as we deam needed. Great job and keep on smoking.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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