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Pork ribs

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Well I did the 3-2-1 metod and they turned out pretty good. Im still having problems with keeping my temp up around 225 degrees. I did notice that when I would had wood that I would see smoke coming around the upper lid to base. I was wondering if I could be loosing heat around there and if so does anyone have any suggestions on sealing that area without me having to drill holes in the smoker. Thanks, I would have put pictures on but when I tried uploading them it said my picture size was to big.

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You need to read this will solve your picture posting problems
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Thanks for help and as you can see I got the pictures posted.
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Two things I have noticed with the offset grills is that the foil pan right over the firebox hole changes the air flow drastically. Move it about two inches inward. Increased airflow helps keep the coals and wood going hotter. I also had to create a coal hopper and raise it off the bottom grill a bit to allow for more space for air and ashes. made it possible to do a minion method as well.. I can get 2 hours of 250 degree's out of one load. Hope that helps..
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It depends on how much smoke you are seeing if you are losing heat. It's only when the wood is burning if that is the case I wouldn't worry about it unless it alot of smoke all the time.
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Thanks for the info. I will move the pan over and I think im going to go with a smaller pan. If your talking the charcoal basket I did buy one at Lowes and put it in my SFB, but im going to look for something that will give more airflow.
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Mine does the same thing as far as the smoke coming out goes. i dont use a huge pan of water in mine and I use my grill grate in teh firebox for my fire and wood so i get good airflow around it. i would think the smoke coming out is OK
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