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1st 'Catering' Gig - 30lbs of Pork Butt

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Let me preface this post by saying I'm really not looking to get into the catering business and I'm not getting paid for this - only reimbursed.

So some of the guys in the office got to thinking that we should have some sort of pre-Thanksgiving thing but with smoked meat of some sort.

The approached our boss who is a smoker about me doing it and he agreed to reimburse me for my expenses if I would do the 30lbs of pork butt and some other goodies. He's going to do 4 turkey breasts.

I got a great deal at Sam's Club on Boston Butts - $0.89/lbs if you by the case which is ~70lbs of butts cryo-vaced in pairs or 1.23/lbs if you by the cryo-vacs individually.

I'm doing that, some stuffed Poblano peppers, a couple of sausage chubs and maybe a chuckie if I can fit it in. Then there's the obligatory cowboy candy for the cook.

I'll post the Q-view starting in the morning with prep.
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Sounds like a good meal, what are you going to stuff the pepper with?
Never tried poblanos them stuffed like big 'ol ABTs but I figure that would have to be good.
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I'm going to stuff them with Italian sausage and spicy Velveeta cheese - that stuff is so awesome for peppers - fake cheese rocks!
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What you gonna stuff those Poblanos with? Thats fgoing to be some really nice big peppers! Good challenge you got there, and may the TBS follow you for it!

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Stuffing them with Italian sausage and spicy velveeta cheese. They will literally be a meal unto themselves.

Thanks Rivet! I'm not too worried because I'm giving myself plenty of time.

We'll get the Qview rolling as well as the TBS hopefully.
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Good luck! The pablanos are great stuffed. I used Italian sausage and cream cheese but I bet the velveeta will be good to. Sounds great!
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I stuffed plabanos with a homemade corn salsa with some cheeses mixed in and they were out of this world. But it sounds like you are going to have your hands and smoker full for sure. Well good luck and may the thin blue be with you,

PS We know you can do it
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