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Chicken Ala Ron AKA Chicken Ala King W/Qview

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I was talking to Dave (PIGINIT)about this and I couldn't remember the name of it. He said call it Chicken Ala Ron. I said that's it Chicken Ala King. Just 1 day earlier I knew the name when I was planing on doing it, and went brain dead, old age I guess.mad.gif

I took the carcass from the Sam's Club chic and took any remaing meat and set it aside with the leg meat. I also had a whole leg and thigh. Here are the bones and skin with some onions for a simmer.

Not a lot of meat, but enough for a small batch.

2 hours later and strained.

I used 1 1/2 quart of dry milk for the base along with the stock. After the sauce was made I added the chicken and above. I usually would thicken with corn starch, but was out, so I sprinkled some potato flakes to thicken.

Carol baked up some of these biscuits from Sam's. Man, are they good with anything.

Poured over a split biscuit.

I know it aint very pretty, but it sure was good.

Normally the sauce is white. If you want a white sauce just use the chicken meat and not the stock, since the stock is what gave it the off color. This is real good on a cold day.

Thanks for reminding me Dave.

Thanks for watching.
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Hey Ron, hope you all liked it better with potato flakes, I know I do. Great easy warming meal for the wintertime! It is good on biscuits isn't it!
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You really cann't beat those quick heat and eats and then you throw in a bunch of flavor. I always use the chiclen bones for stock when we have some. You should try the bones from a smoked chicken. Yummo. Thats a great job there Ron.
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Nice job RON.......PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Sure that dish may not win any awards in the pretty contest but I bet anything it would take home a trophy for flavor.
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Yes, it is very good over those biscuits. And yes the potato flakes gives it a nice mouth feel as far as the texture.

It is still ugly though.biggrin.gif
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Hmmm.......I still have a frozen whole carcass from the last yard bird I smoked...I can't remember for sure, but I think it's from a 7.5 lb'r that was given to us from a friend who grows her own...I brined that one....

You can probably sense that my wheels are turnin' here...

That's a great idea for leftover bird, Ron!


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You are welcome Eric.

Here is Carol's plate tonight.

She is pretty critical of my smokes and she said it was great. It is a shame to just throw those bones along with the smokey taste away.

Smoke on!
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Ron that is the kind of down home American dish you'd see on Diners, Drive ins and Dives and Guy would be going MMmmmmm thats good.

Very nice, Not pretty but nice.
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Maybe Chicken Ala KingRon!

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looks like a chicken stew type meal... looks good in my book. comfort food maybe. ron, that some new spice i havent heard about on the right??? lol

looks good, thanks for sharing man!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Probably a supplemet for for the dogs you are very observant man.
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Looks like a good comfort food on the order of chicken pot pie...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Your gonna have to let us know this stuff a little sooner Ron.... I ate the last of my Chicken ala Ron this mornin per your pics and instructions and I haven't been able to pass the cookie jar with the dog treats in it without grabbin a couple milk bones.
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LOL! THAT was funny!
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Have a chicken in the fridge I smoked yesterday that wasn't very flavorful, not sure why it was smoky but no flavoring with my injection, this recipes seems like a perfect solution for making a tasty meal out of it.
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Ruff Ruff!
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