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Innagural smoke on new custom smoker. Brisket and fatty.

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After 4 seasoning smokes with an empty smoker, I finally got to put something in it!!! I smoked a little brisket that i got at wally world. And a buffalo chicken fatty. I posted about the fatty last night so this will be about the brisket. It was a 3 lber that came pre seasoned. I was curious, so i figured, if im gonna ruin a piece of meat.. i would rather ruin one that i didnt really create. The smoker worked great. The brisket stalled for quite a while at 159 then came down to 152 for about an hour. I pulled it at 172 and foiled it for 30 min. Cut it open and it wasnt that bad. I would have preferred a hand rubbed brisket, hands down. So i decided to cut this one up into small pieces and turn the whole thing into burnt ends. Those will be on the smoker today along with a turkey that is already on. Here is the brisket.

It came trimmed, not much fat left. about 1/4 inch cap.

The blackened hunk after 6 hours.

after trimming the cap for dicing and slicing. MMMMM.... burnt end sandwiches today!!
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looks like everything turned out great, lets see more pics of your new smoker?
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Hell yeah! Some nice tasty burnt ends on a couple of slices of white bread...nutty fudgkins that is an excellent meal.
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You can find the whole build here Pandemonium.
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lookin good smokemifugotem ! How was the temp control on the new smoke box ?
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It seems to be working great. This thick steel takes longer to heat up than my brinkmann pitmaster, but it also holds temp very very well. Considering its 25 outside.. and im maintaining 325 right now for my turkey without much babysitting, i'd say its doing great! It is eating up the charcoal though...
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Man that thing sure works some magic there. You did a great job with the build and it looks like it does a fine job.points.giffor sure on the build and the brisket looks awesomeand the weave on the fattie like I said last night is awesome too. So you have earned alot of points from me on this one.
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It all looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thank you Mballi!!! I appreciate it. You all have been very helpful, and i couldn't have done any of it without the help ALL of you have given me.
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Nice looking meat there. I just now saw your build and you should be really proud of that project. Thanks for sharing.

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Very nice work right there...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Impressive build and first smoke! I am jealous! Great job....
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Man thats a great looking cooker and a great looking smoke. You have gotta be proud of that...graet job and some points to bootpoints.gif
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