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Turkey smoking at lower temps (Electric Brinkman)

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I'm debating smoking a turkey on t-day (with a practice run this week). BUT, I only have an out of the box electric brinkman. I see many people smoke at 300 degrees with turkeys, but I cannot hit that. I think i get around 225 usually. At that temp is it going to turn out ok? Will the skin be edible?

Also, what's a rough time estimate per pound (though I know we cook to temp).

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You can smoke turkey at 225. Its recommended not to go over a 12 lb bird. The skin may be a bit like rubber but you could pull it a bit early and finish it in the oven at 350 or so to crisp the skin after it has that nice smoky flavor. As you said temp not time but I would figure about 6-7 hours
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what temp should i throw it in the oven at? I don't want to dry out the meat just for the skin. I also considered chucking it on the old gas grill right at the end, if it'll fit
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I would brine the bird and personally would probably take it to 150 or so in the smoker then to 165-170 in the oven set at 350 to finish.
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Thanks! I will brine for sure. I'll let you know how it goes
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I had the same question, but with an MES that will top out around 275. Thanks, Piney!
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Nick 275 may be enough to give you good skin I would just kinda keep an eye on it as it smokes and make up my mind when it starts getting close
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Do just what piney/ jerry said to do and you'll be golden with all the folks you are planning on feeding. And yes he's that good
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Thanks for the info, I came here with the same question. My Mom makes such an incredible turkey we will still go that route, but I think my Dad and I will throw a test turkey on the smoker this year too. When the time is closer, i will be back with specific questions. Thanks again!
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Piney gave you the straight'll get plenty of smokey flavor at the low temp, but for sure you want to crisp things up in the oven just before it hita the table.
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I smoke turkey at 225 until I hit an internal temperture of about 130 or so. A 10 lb turkey took 3 and half hours for this. Than I finish off in Char-Broil's The Big Easy to crisp the skin up.


In The Big Easy

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I would say that adding a few extra turkey legs into the smoker would be a big hit as well. Brine/marinade them in a teriaki based mix, can't go wrong
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