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Fresh Pork Breakfest Patties

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Whooped up a 20 pound batch a fresh pork breakfest patties, an excellent recipe, momma an everbody else is flyin through these!

There vac bagged 4 to a package. Not sure they needed ta be vac bagged, ain't gonna last that long!

Fried up, these are great. This will be a mix I think will offer up fer sale!
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Isn't the home made sausage great when it's fryed up. way difirent color then old store bought. It just looks healthier for what is your new recipe ?????? figure I might as well tryicon_rolleyes.gif
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Fresh ground pork butt an seasonins!biggrin.gif
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Tip those sausages look great too. I bet they are some good eats too. I hope you do start selling the product for sausage cause I would be one of your first custumers for sure.
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Your a tease!
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I've been making my own sausage for the better part of this year, and I can tell you that there is no comparison from the store bought stuff. I am interested in you sausage adventure and what you eventually offer.

Since Mrs. Engineer is also thoroughly enjoying the home made, that pretty much gives me a green light. So far, i have been getting ground pork at the market and then spicing it up, but think that with a Birthday coming up, an anniversary, and Christmas thrown in there too, maybe I can eek out a grinder to really make it home made.

Your sausage looks great, and I can't wait to try your seasonings.
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I will also be whipping up a batch of fresh pork breakfast sausage tomorrow afternoon. will prolly do about 30#
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Looks inviting. I enjoy making homemade breakfast sausage, but I always add venison to mine.
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Must be sausage dayicon_wink.gif, we did 5 lbs of breakfast and about 15 lbs of Italian sausage today, I think I ate about a pound, making sure it was good enough, I gotta do what I can to help. biggrin.gif
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I honestly could smell sausage cooking briefly........icon_eek.gif

Oh man that looks good
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