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Deep fat fried fatty... Possibility? Or instant heart attack??

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As i sit here, watching my brisket climb out of its plateau and get ever closer to my belly, I also sit in amazement. As i watch my buffalo chicken fatty get crispier and crispier.... Which, of course leads to another of my could be, extraordinary revelations!!! .....Wait for it.... How about a deep fat fried Fatty???? The one that i am smoking currently would be a great candidate. I am the only one here eating this thing plus a brisket tonight. SO,... Tomorrow i will have a lot of it left over. My thought is, I want to take slices of the fatty, roll it in batter and deep fry it. I WILL. And i will post qview. long as my arteries havent clogged before noon.
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I did hot dogs wrapped in sausage that was smoked then battered and fried, got the idea from Eric maybe?
I honestly can't remember who it was that did a few like that and a few that were just sausage then smoked/battered/fried.
Sure it may be bad for you but HOLY SCHEISSE was it good!
I would say go for it sometime, but make sure the meat isn't hot when you batter it because the batter might not stick enough.
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That all sounds good FIRE! I will be battering these tomorrow at some time. I will put whatever i have left in the fridge and slice it into about 1" slices then batter them. I cant wait!!!!
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Now that deep fryed fattie sound like a real hunk of goodness. It might just stop your arteries on the spot but can you thinkof a better way to go...... OK maybe thats a better way to go but. Thats sounds like great idea and I just wish you were here in my town and watching the Gator Game and I would come over and take care of all that food your fixin.
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Can't wait to see how this comes out....I'll bring the defibrillator PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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oh man....make it one of those fluffy beer batters I remember from the Eastern Shore when I was a kid! Sounds like a good thing to try and who knows, could start a new food revolution!
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Yes, do it! I've done it before with one of my bacontastic fattys and it was AMAZING!
Edit: I forgot to say that it was fried in Bacon fat!! so Yes do it, its going to be one of the best things you have ever done to a fatty!
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reminds me of a restaurant not far from me that serves double breaded cheeseburgers 2 burgers with cheese coated in batter like a pork tenderloin, then deep fried. man are they good.
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I can't think of a reason NOT to try it. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Go for it, just make sure you post some pics of it when it's done.
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Somewhere there is a cardioligist with dollar sign's blinking over his head. You guys kill me!.. no really. these recipes ARE killing me.. And I will die smiling biggrin.gif
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Well, the fatty didnt last long. Ended up getting eaten by a horde of drop ins last night. But i am going to try this soon!!!! I will post pics on this thread as soon as i do. Any good recipes for a batter??
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I think it sound like something everyone would like...
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smokemifugotem, when I fried my fatty slices all I did was a basic egg wash, then dredge in seasoned flour, and fried in bacon fat. They came out amazing, but next time I do it I plan on doin some sorta beer batter or something like that.
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