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As I read this I'm betting you are enjoying a succulent piece of smoked pastrami awesomeness.
Hope it tastes as good as it looks!
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Looks like a great night for smoking
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Well, almost...just holding out as long as I can to let the point rest up before attacking it with hardware! LOL!!!

I did sneak a pinch of the loose rub laying on the board...WOW, that is intense!!!!!!!!!

Oh, yes, it is. Ever so light winds and not very cold either. Light showers came through about 30 minutes ago, but my smokers are covered so no worries at all.

Here ya go...just so you know how ready I am for this (the point is under the towel):

Well, I've managed to give the point a full hour to rest (planned on 30-45 minutes)...I'd say I still have pretty good patience...however, I'm not waiting any longer!

Back with more in a few!

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LOL You've got the bun ready and the cheese melted...yet the meat isn't even cut yet.
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Ooooooooh, my brothers & sisters, I'm in love!!!!!!!!!

OK, first note: the 90 minute soaking for salt removal was perfect...couldn't have guessed that one any better if I tried.

Second note: the one hour resting time was just about perfect...I noticed a couple beads of meat juices forming on the cross-section after taking off the 4th or 5th fresh slice.

Third note: the Ancho Chili Rub is very, very good...not nearly as hot as I was expecting, spicy for sure, and the flavor married up well with the cured/smoked beef...definately a keeper in my books.

Forth note: Eating the center of a slice without the crust/bark/rub reveals a deeper side to the corned beef...not sure how it all comes together yet, but the spices in the brine have a slight presence which is so enjoyable as I slowly chew and savor the experience. Oh, yes, I am definately in love!!!!!!!

Lastly: holy smokers, is this stuff good!!!!!!!

Gotta get another sammie built! Then take a peek at my flat...last check it was 168* and slowing climbing out of bed...was 164* a long time ago.

Wow, I must say, for ANYONE wanting to give pastrami a try, don't wait...grab a packer, a knife and a bag of TQ ASAP! This maybe my first, but will certainly be on my "must plan for more" list!!!!

Mucho thanks to all the other 'stami smokin' brothers & sisters out there for getting me off my duff and investing some time into a very worthy cause!!!

I'll bring out the pics of the flat in the morning when I get a chance...gonna be a late one waiting for that puppy...but I'm ready for it!

Thanks again, all!

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WooHoo! Glad it worked out for ya!

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That review says it all and if it doesn't tehn those pictures sure do.
Beautiful Eric!
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Yummy looking points.gifI want to taste
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Man oh man, that is a thing of beauty. I love the deep red color and I can just taste it.

You smoked so much awesome stuff lately that I can't give you points right now, but I will stop back by after I spread some more around. Awesome job...I bet you will never buy pastrami again. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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HAH-HAH-HAH!!!!! Oooh man, was gettin' very itchy for a snackin' sammie there!

Thanks Dude! I'll be getting another started as soon as I can get my hands on another packer......

Thanks, yeah I took lots of pics throughout this entire process hoping I could get enough good shots to share with everyone.

Thanks, wish I could send some out to ya...even my wife's Mom wants some, and she lives 350 miles away!

Thanks, it sure does shed a new light on home-made foods...

Yeah, pastrami from the good deli shops can't even touch this.

Thanks guys! Finished flat pics coming right up...I just put the slicer into cool-down mode....heh-heh!!!

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Brother 'strami-smoker you have made us proud! What an excellent finish to your pastrami. I understand completely about being in love...that was my first reaction too. Congratulations on a fine success!

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I let the flat rest and cool overnight @ 20* and the cutting, slicing and bagging was just finished a few minutes ago.

About to get it's precision surgical procedure:

After slicing to view the cross-section, I found out I needed to quarter the flat so it would fit the Nesco Pro. No biggy, as I didn't want full width slices to bag anyway:

A whole heap o' 'strami:

And, what would all that slicing be worth if I couldn't do this:

The flavor of this is very good...not as spicy/hot as the point with the Ancho Rub, but it definately has a slightly sweeter and peppery kick to it. I picked-up just a hint of the cinnamon in the background, which was also present in the point's rub/brine. A good blend of flavor characteristics overall, I think...but, then, is it at all possible to have a properly cured pastrami not come out tasting good? I can't imagine it, this is good stuff!

I do think that the extra time I allowed it to cure was worth it with the depth of the spiced flavors in the meat. You can definately tell they are in there pretty deep.

The next corned beef pastrami I do, I think will have just a bit different spices for one of the two brines, just for fun...maybe put more heat into the brine and not as much in the dry rub. I'd really like to do two packers at the same time, have 4 different brines going and a couple different rubs as well, so we can do side-by-side comparisons and really get a feel for what we like, that does sound like fun!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I (we) did!!!

Thanks all!

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Now that's my kind of attitude! Good deal, Eric and congratulaitons again, that is some beautiful stuff. Just pointed you so can't add any more but you earned eevery one of 'em!
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Great looking meat Eric, I know I said it before but MAN that is a beautiful color!
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