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Doesn't the wait just kill ya...sounds great and can't wait for the finished pics
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Yeah, I learned the hard way about labeling packages...still trying to get the kids to do it with little success...they forget.

Weather here should be reasonable...lower 40's & a bit of wind, but I'm sheltered from it...I'm rip-rarin' ta go, buddy! icon_smile.gif

Thanks, so far so good.

Trust me bud, you're not the only one...just got my rub ingredients powdered/ground, measured and mixed...counting the minutes now...tic-toc---tic-toc....it's 8:28 'til lift off! HAH-HAH!!!!!!!

I'm already watching for a local source of packers and I don't even have my 1st 'strami smoked up yet! I always get mine at Sam's, but that's 90 miles one-way drive...about 4 to 5 times a year is all we can swing most of the time.

It does require a bit of self-control, doesn't it.........

Thanks Guys! Smokin' in the morning!

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We are looking at 58 degrees and 10-15mph winds so a little windy but nice temp out.
Not sure what time I'm going to toss mine on but should be a great day to smoke.
Good luck Eric.
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Got my Dry Rubs worked out tonight...

Relatively simple, and of course without additional salts...I was shooting for something that would carry the flavor of the corned beef just a bit farther.

I conjured this one up for the flat, keeping a slightly sweeter flavor for the leaner meat:

Sweet Pepper Rub

1 Tbls Dried Red Bell Pepper, powdered (edited)
½ tsp Cinnamon
3/8 cup CBP, coarse
¼ cup Dark Brown Sugar
2 Tbls Onion Powder

Sweet Pepper Rub:

And, this will be for the point, which should go well with the heavier & deeper flavors of the marbled interior fat:

Ancho Chili Rub

1 medium Ancho Chili, powdered
½ cup CBP, coarse
1 tsp Cayenne Pepper
½ tsp Cinnamon

The Ancho Chili powder, straight out of the coffee grinder:

And, the Ancho Chili Rub:

So, the anticipation is really starting to build for me...last night of having corned beef in the fridge...conversion to pastrami in the morning...almost can't wait!

See ya then!


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Oh man,looking real good! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Smoke is on @ 9:30 AM Mountain Time!

I didn't get to sleep very early lastnight with all the anticipation...I watched TV for about an hour after hanging it up here on forum, so, I got a 2 hour later start than I wanted. Byt hey, I got ALL DAY and night if needed... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I got my Smoke Vault fired up to warm up and start a cold cherry/apple smoke for my 12# of Sweet Garlic & Pepper Chicken Sausage while I prepped the corned beef for soaking & rubbing.

I soaked the brisket for 90 minutes in about 4 gallons of ice water, while squeezing and massaging it thoroughly every 10 minutes to draw out the salt from the TQ cure...no water change-outs.

The flat, just out of the vac-sealed cure:

The flat rinsed off:

The point out of the cure bag:

The point rinsed off:

Ready for an ice cold fresh water soak in a sanitized Rubbermaid Bus Bin:

The flat, rubbed with Sweet Pepper rub:

The point rubbed with my Ancho Chili Rub:

Here we are, into the Vault with my chix sausage with the flat on top and point directly under it...cranked up the heat after tossing some hickory onto the playing field...smoking @ 250* now:

Man, I gotta say, the aromas of the rubbed corned beef was intense, but very inticing...especially the Ancho rub. It's most definately gonna pack some heat to go along with all that great cured and smoked beef flavor.

I plan on slicing the point and flat cold, and I want to find out which we will like better...the leaner flat or the fat marbling and hot spice of the point....that could end up being a coin toss...we'll see!!! icon_mrgreen.gif

Back with progress later this evening if all is well...sooner, if all is not well.

Thanks all!

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Looks great Eric, interesting in your evaluation of each piece and the spices.
Got a late start myself, 1:15 now and just getting ready to toss mine on...oh well, gonna be a looooong day icon_wink.gif
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When I see a picture like this...

...I think "now that's corned beef". This looks awesome. May the smoke be with you.
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Man those 2 pieces look gooood! I am really looking forward to your evaluation of the ancho rub on the point. That looked perfect. Make sure you got some good mustard, bread and swiss for a reuben when they're done! biggrin.gif
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Thanks, I think that giving myself a week+ to ponder the rub, I should have a close representation of what I was looking for...tha Ancho Chili rub may prove to be alot hotter than I bargained for, but it can be scraped of a bit it it's to intense...I felt a bit adventurous, so I just decided to give it a try.

Thanks, when I un-packed and got 'em rinsed, having a full cure wasn't even a remote thought...the firmness had been there for several days, and the color really backed up my suspicions...no slice for the fry pan test either, as the 90 minute soak should have done the trick. I'll find out tonight! biggrin.gif

Thanks, yeah, I gotta have my daughter run to the store after she gets home, for some rye bread & swiss...I'd love a sammie for dinner tonight. I'll have to see if I can get through the plateau and hit the target temp in time.

Thanks guys! These babies are looking mighty lovely already in the Vault...more pics to follow ASAP!

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Almost to 140*...saw shrinkage and grabbed my probes

Aaaah man, these bad boys look good!

I gave the thermo-probes about 5 minutes to stabilize while I snapped off a couple quick pics for your viewing pleasure.

Notice the dry rub prominently evident on the right side of the upper grate? Nice shrinkage goin' on here:

Time for probes! Point is on the left and the flat is on the right:


I'm just playing the waiting game now.

My chix sausage is out and chilling, and my sliced round tip jerky in the SNP is on it's way to a charcoal fired drier life.

More to come for sure!


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Getting a nice color and bark forming on them.
Are you going to cool them and slice them tonight or wait until tomorrow?
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That's a good question that brings up the subject....

Read a lot that one should cool the pastrami from the smoke and eat it the next day. Steam it or heat it over a water pan, anyway.

I ate mine the-day-of, and the-day-after and I noticed no difference, or improvement rather. It was great both times. What's the purpose of waiting till the next day involving the cooling process?

Opinion here: no difference to me and the fresh out of the smoker slices onto the reuben sammie slightly edged out the next-day reuben sammies on taste; though that may be due to built up anticipation and hunger.

Whatever you choose to do ForLuv....keep the pictures coming! We're enjoying your pastrami as much as you are..........
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Yeah, they sure are...I don't think I'll be able to get any sleep tonight knowing I have fresh 'strami waiting to go under the knife! LOLOL!!!!

Tonight's the night for another Nesco Pro Slicer workout!

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I like to let mine sit and cool then steam the next day for 2-3 hours over steam, it picks up and plumps up with steam and when you slice into it it is like butter.
Reason I started to do it that way was because hat is how they do it at Katz's Deli in NY.
Lately I have been removing the point after smoking so I slice that day and skip the steam, with the point removed the steam enters the meat and drains right back out without a crust to hold it in.
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I planned on slicing the Point for a freshly smoked sammie treat tonight...I think it would do the marbled cut of meat more justice (actually our dining pleasures stand to be greatly improved), if this were eaten juast after a rest to redistribute the juices...that's my theory anyway, we'll find out. 'Course, this is the hot/spicy stuff, so not sure yet if all the family can tolerate it.

Sounds right to me.

I hit the stall with the point in the lower 150* range, and the flat looks like it's about to stall out in the upper 140* range, so progress is looking very good right now.

More pics coming up, I think...gotta go through my folders and check what's not posted yet...can't keep up with the 3 smokes going on today! icon_mrgreen.gif

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8 Hour Update...smoking under halogen lamps now...

First, I felt inclined to share this evening's view from my smokin' sanctuary...a good reason to not be crowded in with trees:

8 hour temps (point/flat):

And the beef, illuminated with a 500 watt halogen lamp for a good pic:

Cruising right along...couple more hours to go.


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Exellent so far! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Man they are coming along nicely Eric, and that view is absolutely stunning!
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Thi is about giving me a choronary...the point is out resting!!!

I pulled the point out at 179* I/T (target was 180*, is that cheating?!?!?)...I couldn't stand the suspense any longer!!!

Gonna rest it for 30-45 minutes covered with towels and have a sample to see how the rub worked out, and a sammie if it's any good, of course...well the whole thing has me in suspense...I guess a first time 'stami from scratch can have a way of giving you your share of heart-thumping moments!

11 hour temps:

And, the beef:

Oooooooooooh man, I can't wait to grab a knife! Posting this will keep me busy for a few minutes, so that'll help...LOL!:

Back with my take on this bad boy ASAP!


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