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Well, gonna give the brisket another shot

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It is now rubbed and resting till early morning. I haven't tried brisket in a looooong time because my earlier results were less than stellar but after solving my problems with ribs and turning out a damn good product thanks to what I read here, it is time to give brisket another go. I have read through these forums the last couple of days and feel confident in having a successful smoke.

I had thought about injecting, then figured I should hold off and first get the basics perfected. Once I can do that then I would try some different things. Well, after getting the brisket rubbed and tucked in for the night I needed to make room in the fridge. I Pulled out a roaster pan that had my wife's leftover pot roast, taters, and carrots in it from a couple days ago. It was about gone so I moved it all into a smaller container then had an idea. The pan still had a lot of the broth in it from cooking the roast, taters, and carrots. I skimmed the fat off the top and poured it into a bowl. I am thinking this might make a good injector now. Any thoughts?

Sorry forgot to add that I kept it simple. Just brushed it with evoo and used a weber grill mates rub. It was a 14 pounder that I trimmed down to about 12.5.

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Brisket is gonna turn out great, so don't worry about it too much. We have faith in youbiggrin.gif.

Keep er low and slow, and if you get stuck, well you know where to turn for answers. Can't wait to see a great finished product, keep us posted for sure.
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Lookin good so far, relax, you'll do just fine. I wouldn't inject it with anything, it will taste great without it!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Hang in there you're doing great. Let it smoke low and slow and tast ethe goodness tomorrow!
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You'll do just fine. We'll all stick with you til it's done. Good luck.
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Well with all of the assurance and good smoke wishes coming at you I'm sure you will do just fine.

I wouldn't inject it with anything if you already have it rubbed. Nice idea using the juices from a pot roast though, I do enjoy a honey injection but it will taste great just as it is.
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Put those juices in a drip pan below the brisket, you wont be sorry.
You will be fine.

Good luck!
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Looks great so far, you will do okay...
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I feel you there RBH. The brisket is a very intimadating hunk of meat but it's easy too. Just throw in there low and slow. Your rub looks good and just don't over think this thing. Just get it in the smoker and for any reason you need a nudge or a pat on the back we are here all dy for you and you will do just fine too.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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You will do fine! Get yourself a clean spray bottle and fill it with apple juice, and give it a spray every hour after the first hour. Don't worry about foiling, and dont let that dreaded plateau fool you! Nothing better in my opinion than a great Brisket smoke.
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Just wondering if you have it started yet and if you decided to inject it or not? Good luck
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Thanks for all the support. I got a much later start this morning then I had planned but that just means more beer drinking this evening. :) I feel pretty confident with all the help I have gotten by reading through these forums.

I thick sliced some red onions and placed in an aluminum pan, then into the smoker below the brisket as a catch pan. I saw this on a post and really liked the idea, the onions that is. I will smoke open rack for 4 hours then place the brisket into the pan. The onions should hold the brisket just off the pan and will help release moisture and flavor into the meat, or at least that's what I am hoping for.

I did skip the injection part but did like the suggestion RonP had so the roast juices went into the drip pan with the onions. The smoker is set to 235 and I used a mix of mesquite and cherry. I wasn't sure I wanted a full out mesquite smoke so the cherry should work to lessen that. I wanted alder to mix with it but only had cherry left. I gotta get my supplies re stocked.

Well, it is time to make some sauce, drink a few beers, and wait. Here are the last pictures for awhile. Thanks guys! Oh, and before I forget. Would I be able to try and make burnt ends tomorrow or does it not work to well to try and make them with cold meat? I just figured with my late start it would be REALLY late to smoke another 3 hours for burnt ends.

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Looks like you are off to a great start, and yes you can make burnt ends the next day if you like.
I know what you mean, after a long day of smoking sometimes it is rough to go back in for another 3 hours, just cube the meat tomorrow, sprinkle with rub then into the smoker (I like to use a pan with holes in it) after an hour or so toss with whatever sauce you are using and then back in for the final couple of hours.
Good luck.
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And possibly into tomorrow morning. biggrin.gif

Don't know what time you got started but if it's a 12 pounder it's going to take awhile.

Don't rush it. It will be worth the wait. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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My guess is that 12 pounder will be about 15 hours in the smoker or more. Will look forward to the finally. I would recommend Rivets finishing sauce for Brisket. Easy to make, and fantastic flavor! I used Chili rojo instead of regular chili powder and you can find it at Kroger / king soopers.
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Well, not the results I was wanting. I am thinking something might be wrong with the MES. This brisket was a solid 12 pounds + and it hit 190 in less then 11 hours. I started it out at 235 but lowered it down to 230. I opened the door only once just to switch therm probes because I thought it wasn't working right. Turns out I was using the wrong probe with the wrong therm body.

Like I said, it hit 190 at under 11 hours so I took it out of the smoker, snapped a quick pick, sprayed it with apple juice, then wrapped it tightly in foil and several flours sacks then let it rest for 2 hours. This picture was before the apple juice spray and you can see it is very moist and everything looks good.

I unwrapped after 2 hours and the internal was still reading over 150. I went to cut it and it just started falling apart. It was very moist but was only good for pulling. The meat didn't have a smoke taste either, nor a ring suggesting the smoke didn't get to the meat?? Basically what it turned out to be was a roast. The Weber rub wasn't great and I will definitely make my own next time.

Overall, it wasn't a total failure because the meat was very moist and not all dried out. Pulled it all and mixed it with the pan drippings and used an excellent sauce I got from the recipe forum, thanks ShooterRick. The perfect brisket still eludes me but I am getting closer. I really need to check out the MES and maybe recheck my therms.

Thanks for all the help guys. Me and brisket will meet again one day. :)
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