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smoking wood

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Okay I dont know if this will make any sense or not. I plan on using the Royal Oak 100% wood charcoal tomorrow and either Pecan or Hickory wood. Now I remember reading somewhere that when the person put his wood in the smoker he removed the bark. I bought a bag of mini Pecan logs at Academy and it still has the bark on and my question is should I remove the bark if I use the Pecan. The Hickory I have is smaller pieces and no bark from Wally World. I guess the newbie questions just keep popping into my confused.gif
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I wouldn't personally. I doubt what you have is to much bark....smoke on ! I'm sure somebody will come with a very in depth explanation for ya.
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It's no big deal either way. Enjoy...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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By the time you let your smoker set up TBS...Most of that dry bark has burned/cooked etc... off a bit anyways....Woods like apple have a tight bark and i always leave on......If you had alot of moss on the bark you may want to peel off bark.....
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No big deal on the bark.
Burning too much could possibility give a bitter flavor depending on the type of wood and how much bark.
I always preburn my wood and after it cools slightly the bark actually begins to separate and I can slide the tongs between the wood and bark and it pulls off but I have left it on a few times and didn't notice a difference in taste.
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I wouldn't worry to much about the bark by the time your smoker gets to the bark it will burn just fine.
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Hey Low, don't worry about asking questions here. We people live for 2 things. Questions and Qview.....biggrin.gif
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I leave the bark on also.
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