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Curley's venison bacon/sausage little q/view

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We have been busy in the house hold lately. Last night we ground up 25# of maple sausage (about 20# venison,5# of pork fat) ,50# for curly's venison bacon (28.5# of shoulders and pork trimmings, 31.5# elk meat)
and 30# of butts which we made 10# of chorizo and 20# of potato sausage. I am really impressed by the potato sausage. I actually used a spice pack from butcher packer for it this time...it really has a lot of flavor. Here are some pics of the "venison bacon" we made. It is in the smoker as we speak. Second time of making this stuff...very good and great on pizzas...sorry no pics of stuffing and prep work. we were under a time crunch last night.

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Looks good... Are you smokin these in blocks and storing them???
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we are smoking them just like what ya see. And then we will rest them over night and put them through the slicer and vacuum seal them in 1# bags. I went out to check on them they are starting to get a nice color. I am figuring one more hour. Pics of the home made smoker also. It is doing great. For this smoke I put the smoke daddy on it

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That looks like a nice easy to build set up. Have ya got directions on how you built it????? I been thinkin of doin something like that for cold smokin.
Meats lookin good!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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No I don't but here's what I did. I had the racks that you see in the photo. I pretty much made the inside to their size which was 24"x24". simple 2x4 walls insulated and some t1-11 siding around the outside. Inside I wrapped it all with ply wood (make sure there is no glue used on it like they do with osb). Then I made a stand with cinder blocks the size of the unit and bought a Bayou turkey fryer base for heat. You can also see how I supported the racks with sawn in half 2x4's after I drilled holes about the size I wanted for duels for hanging sausage. If this doesn't help I might be able to draw something up for ya...just let me know. And thanks
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Love everything man.Nice way to store some bacon /sausage and get some of your bounty in there....Even though your not done...
points.gifLike that little smokehouse as well!!!!!!!
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Your smoke house is very cool and useful too. Now for that sausage it's awesome and you'll have some for a long time to come.
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It is just about to come off temps are right at 145. I will post some pics when I pull it. I call my smoker the smurf's out house. But man it has been putting out some good smoke. Thanks for the complements. I really can't wait till next year when I get to make one out of metal that I plan on having for years to come. But this smoker only cost me $80 to build it. I was on a tight budget since I have been going to college full time and not working at the present.
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I'm still waitin....Ya made me so hungry I ordered a pizza!!!! biggrin.gif lol
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Got14U, looking great so far. I just ground up about 35 pounds of venison yesterday to do just what your makin, BACON. Found the Cruleys website and will be ordering some of the bacon spice shortly. Post some sliced pics when you get a chance.
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I definitly will meat hunter it's right at 150 almost ready to come off. It seems like it is taking forever this last 10 degrees. Have you ever made this?
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No, I have never made it before. I made a post this week on what the proper cuts off my deer I should use as I wanted to try venison bacon. Pantherfan83 chimed in and posted a link to one of the members here who made it like your doing it, ground up and all. Needless to say, I can get allot more doing it this way. I can't wait to try it. Were trying to fill 2 more deer tags by Sunday, but will all the corn that is in, it's gonna be tough. Looking forward to you end product.
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Ok they are done and out of the smoker. Here are some pics. I went ahead and sliced one for some pictures. the rest will wait till tomorrow for the slicer. thanks for lookin

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It really looks great... What all is in it...icon_question.gif
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Actually I think I miss posted on the weights it is 28.5lbs of elk meat and about 18lbs of pork belly then 3.5lbs of pork fat..seems like a good mix. last time i made this I wanted a little more fat in it. This time I think it got nailed. I will fry some up tomorrow to see but it tasted great right now. can't wait to make some pizza with thisPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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i saw the meat mix, what about cure and seasonings...
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sorry beerbq here is the spice block. I don't know his ratio of things so when I run out i just buy it from them. I wouldn't know where to beginn on figureing out what is in it also
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That looks PERFECT !
Yours looks more red than most. Could that be because you used pork "belly" instead of just pork. I gotta make this, but I want it to look exactly like your batch. Make sure you tell us how good it is!

It reminds me of something that hasn't been in the stores for many years.
Only we old guys can remember this------"SizzLean".
However, I'm sure yours is 1000 times better !

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Man I keep screwing up. It wasn't pork "belly" it was pork butts. Also I remember sizzlean...That is what this is like just better. It is great on pizzas and also when it is grilled. I think it brings out the smoke more. I was really able to do a heavy smudge on these so that is probably the reason for the color. It taste great also. thanks
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Thanks GOT14U,
I'm ordering a packet right now.

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