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Working on kosher Lamb Sausage

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I have two lamb breasts AKA bellies, AKA the fatty floppy piece of meat that hangs off the ribs. I spoke to butcher and he said it should be OK to grind for sausage if I trim out some of the fat(there is a lot of it). After I trim and debone them there should be about 4.5 lbs I only have a cheap manually grinder/stuffer that I bought from a sporting goods store. I only think I have a single plate, although I have 2 plastic stuffer tubes. I plan on putting it through once to grind then adding the spices (blend TBD) and then a second time to stuff. I will be stuffing it into plastic casing as natural and collagen casings are nearly impossible to get kosher. I will then be poaching them in 180F water for about 3 min to set them. I would like to smoke them but not sure if I will be able to as I live in an apartment. I have some Prague Powder #1 in house should I add it? If so how much? Any suggestions, comments, advice, or constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks in advance.
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Noticed no response to your question so
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Howdy Dragon.

Well now...if you're absolutely sure you'll be able to smoke the sausage, then you'll need the Prague #1 or insta-cure #1 to keep the sausage safe during the smoking procedure.

If you're not absolutely sure about the smoke...omit the cure and just make a fresh sausage and cook them right away, or freeze them right away.

Nitrites are great for sausage, but no so much for the human body some say....so if not needed, why take a chance?

Good Luck...take some Qview for us when you make them.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Sounds great! Never thought about lamb sausage. Hey, I live in an apt. myself upstairs and smoke all the time. No problems so far.
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