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Poll Results: What's your favorite stuffing for ABTs?

Poll expired: Mar 11, 2010 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 8% of voters (14)
    Cream cheese only.
  • 2% of voters (4)
    Cheddar cheese only.
  • 3% of voters (6)
    Cream cheese w/ shrimp
  • 8% of voters (14)
    Cream cheese w/ crab
  • 22% of voters (37)
    Cream cheese w/ sausage
  • 0% of voters (0)
    Cheddar w/ shrimp
  • 1% of voters (2)
    Cheddar w/ crab
  • 7% of voters (13)
    Cheddar w/ sausage
  • 29% of voters (48)
    Cream cheese, cheddar etc. etc. etc.
  • 16% of voters (27)
165 Total Votes  
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I half my peppers and put cream cheese and a smokey link in side before wrapping in bacon...mmmmmm
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My abt mixture consists of the following (which was had at the past few North FL gathering's):

cream cheese, sour cream, mexican 3-cheese blend, and (thanks to Piney) a lil' smokey on the top, wrapped in bacon

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my previous favorite was:
- brined shrimp, cream cheese mix with smoked garlic, and topped with tobiko(then wrapped in bacon of course).

But after last weekends simple version:
- that was Italian sausage with diced jalapenos, and cherry peppers, and then wrapped in bacon(no cheese). I am torn. Last weeks were some of the best I have done. SO good they may get done again for a NFL snack Sunday.
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Cream cheese-white aged cheddar-MD blue crab backfin- seasonings- large shrimp on top and wrapped in Smithfield bacon.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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My favorite is smoked chicken breast (with rub and cayenne) cut into small chunks, with a mixture of pepper jack & habanero jack, wrapped in bacon. My wife likes ham & pineapple.
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Oooh, I like the idea of Ham and pineapple
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Do you bring them fresh off the smoker, or reheat them? What's the best way warm them up? I take some Q in to feed the crew at work once a month, and just heat stuff up in crock pots. Doesn't seem like that would work all that great with these.
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There needs to be an "All of the Above" to choose PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I did a trial run of my ABT's and Buffalo Chicken Balls in prep for the Super Bowl party today. Sorry no pics I was cooking by myself and trying to get everything ready to go so I could get some sleep before work.

ABT's were filled with Cream Cheese, Mexican 3 Cheese Blend, JD Hot sausage, red onion, garlic, my SW spice rub, Red pepper flakes, wrapped in bacon of course. I made up 2 dozen peppers and found I need to work more on my bacon wrapping skills gonna have to try the pre-cook in the nukem-wave. The flavor was awesome with just a subtle back burn from the SW spice (cayenne and ground Serano's)

My chicken balls (first time I haven't deep fried them) came out very good. I was way nervous that they wouldn't hold together and I'd have a helluva mess in the bottom of the smoker.

Ingredients are:
Store bought Rottiserie Chicken ( I'm all about quick and easy)
Cream Cheese
Red Onion
Cajun Rub
Frank's Red Hot Sauce
SW Spice
3 Cheese Mexican Blend
Couple eggs

And a new addition that I'm going to try this year, I'm going to take some Chipotle's in adobo and put a small (think marble size) chunk right in the middle.

Form into balls ~ golfball size and let rest in refig. overnight. Take some cajun rund and season your flour and Panko breadcrumbs and then do the 3 part breading (Flour,Egg,Breadcrumbs) Tossed them in the smoker at 240ish when the ABT's are at the half way point so that they are all ready at the same time.

All in all everything came out with zero left-overs as soon as they hit the lunch table at work tonight.

I will post a Qview when I actually make them up for the Super Bowl since I'll have more time and a second set of hands to run the camera.
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Blue Cheese and homemade sausage.
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split mine into boats with cream cheese. half get a lil smokey. half get a couple of slices of rolled up pepperoni. wrap them in a half slice of the thinnest bacon I can find.
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stuffing for ATBs

I have to say cream cheese, bacon, dill, chives and water chestnuts (diced)
then mixed and stuffed, and smoked. yummers
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Cream cheese , crab, shrimp, lobster with old bay sprinkled on top.. And wrapped in thin bacon of course...mmmmmmmm mmmm
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no scallops or conch in there as well? icon_wink.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I put lots of crispy bacon in the food processer and chop it really fine, add some cream cheese and cheddar pulse till mixed really good , Pipe it into the cored Jap or Anaheim pepper. For the wrap I Saute' some Bacon till its almost done then wrap round the pepper hold in place with toothpick. Smoke till done, this gives a bacon that is crispy in texture. I cook the peppers till they lose the bright green color.
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cream cheese and blueberry jam mixed with a little sugar and wrapped in bacon, mix in the seeds for a little extra heat

seafood cheese spread wrapped in bacon aint bad eitheri
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