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You can get them on Amazon or any other multiple places on the internet. I am getting mine here because they have a Nebraska Shaped one that I can't pass up.

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they have some pretty cool looking ones on there. now to pick one.....

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Took some convincing of the wife that I really needed a $35 ABT Holder shaped like Nebraska but I got her talked into it with the promis to make them all the time. 

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i am leaning towards the razorback one. i'm torn though as the like the one with the bucking horse (i grew up in wyoming) maybe i'll have to get both.....hmmmmm!!!!

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I might warn you I just went to order mine when I got home from work and it is $10.95 shipping in handling. Ouch!! That broke the camel's back for me. I got a cheaper one on amazon that comes with a Jalapeno corer as well. Not as cool but my wife will be happy with the more practical amount. 


Here is the link:

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ok, thanks for the heads up. I still might have to break down and get one at least. I'm divorced so I just have to run it by myself. yep, its ok! :)

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I'm doing some ABTs this weekend since I got a new jalapena rack. Thinking about stuff with cream cheese/cheddar cheese mix maybe with some sausage and topping with a cut of thin bacon. Sounds like from the comments that they'll be darn tasty. yahoo.gif
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I have the rack & prefer to slice them lengthwise, fill, & wrap with bacon. If you use thin bacon they crisp up & if you use a hard cheese such as sharp white cheddar the cheese doesn't run out. Put them in an aluminum pan & smoke for 2 1/2 hours at 225. I used cheddar cheese spread in these & you can see how all the cheese ran out. It was still good, but better with a hard cheese.


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In our house everyone likes the more mild peppers- that way you can taste the ingredients rather than burn your windpipe on the first one.  I like to de-seed and lay a strip of prosciutto in the pepper then add some cream cheese and maybe some Cheddar (white, extra sharp) then wrap in thin bacon so they crisp up a bit.  A wooden skewer can help manage  them-



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