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Hey to all new to this site and let me say what a lot of information you can get. I used the info to do some modifications to my Char-griller Outlaw I just purchased and gave it a test run yesterday and can agree on the factory thermometer being junk,but I have a Maverick dual probe on the way. I will say this is a great site with alot of helpful information.

Now my question, on my test run I threw some hotdogs on for a couple of hours and wow what a difference in taste and was wondering if anyone had tried smoking hamburgers. The wife and I think it would give the burger a new taste. Any inputs is highly appreciated.
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Yep......they are good. A little smoke goes a long way though.......they will soak it up, so go light on the smoke.

Also, get the heat up, there is no benefit to going low heat really since there is nothing that needs to break down in the meat. The texture is a little different than grilled, but they are good.

Do a meatloaf in there also........very good.
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I haven't done any hamburgers before but I think it would be great. I would finish them off on the grill tho. Give a good char to the outside. Give it a shot and let us know
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How long did you let the hamburgers go on the smoker and about what temp for this. I want to give it a try. Thanks
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Man, it has been a while.....long while, but as best I remember the smoker was around 300 and I started checking them after 20-25 minutes with the thermometer, I know they were not on there longer than 30 minutes, but of course that will depend on the thickness of the burgers and how well done you like them.

Wish I could remember more of the detail for you.
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I've done hamburgers a few times and I have to say, they are great!

You won't get the char so a few minutes on each side on a grill after the smoke will be necessary if you like that texture. Otherwise you get a meatloaf-like texture which I happen to really like.

I took my burgers to 140 and they came out medium-medium well. I may try 130 next time and see if I can get them to come out medium rare.

Since mine were done with other meat, I cooked them at 225 and I think they took a few hours, but always go by the internal temp, not time.

Fired Up has done some awesome stuff with hamburger wrapped hot dogs which look pretty darn good too!
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Welcome aboard! Yes, this is all true...

Smoking burgers makes them taste great! You don't need to smoke them for more than an hour or so, then move them to the grill to get the nice crisp texture on the outside. It really just depends on the temp. of your smoker.

Remember, like others have said before me: Ground meat takes on smoke flavor a lot faster and stronger than regular large cuts of meat

Therefore, you don't want to over-smoke them and make the burgers bitter tasting...just an hour of smoke - and then off the finish on the grill.

You'll get a nice smoke ring too!
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Welcome aboard Low Smoke, be sure to stop in the roll call thread and introduce yourself and tell us a little about you and your equipment... so we can all properly welcome you...
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