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Beef Ribs on today - Question

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So mom asked if I would smoke a bird for our family thanksgiving get-together, so I said sure! I just moved into a new house and my MES has been sitting in storage for a while. What a fine excuse to get it out and give her a test run to make sure she's still running right. I've been itching to smoke something anyway, so here we go. I was walking through the meat dept. yesterday looking for some victims. I've never done beef ribs before and they were cheap, so I gotta couple slabs. Marinated overnight with some rub and wickers. Gave a nice dusting this morning of garlic/black pepper/salt. They've been bathing in hickory/apple smoke for about an hour now around 230-235. I lost my camera during the move, so no drooling today.

Question: what method of foiling (what time ratio) have you been successful with? I have gotten to like 2-1.5-1.5 for BBs. I like a little resistance, but easily shredded when seperating the bones w/ hands. Also, what sauce (if any) do you like with these 'dinos?'

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My opinion only here...but I've done beef ribs maybe 3 times. The first time they weren't near tender enough, but that was my own damn fault for not starting early enough in the day.

The other two times, they were great! I do 3 - 2 - 1 at LEAST for beef ribs (we're talking the meatier short ribs, not back ribs, right??)

Beef short ribs seem like they can smoke forever, and they just keep getting better.

One thing about the beef ribs - is that there is a lot of nasty, tough connective tissue in there...seems to me like more than there is in BB pork ribs. That's why I do a full 3 - 2 - 1 at least. Also, I foiled them all together in a big, double-wrapped ball of foil last time - and did the towel/cooler trick....really helped tenderize them. Good luck and have fun!
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uh oh, I think they are back ribs. is that not good?
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I did beef ribs one time and had great results.

I cooked them similar to pig ribs (foiled for about an hour).

Regarding sauce. I like regular ol' BBQ sauce on mine. If I were to add anything I might go with a little Worchy sauce or soy, or A1 (or all the above).
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I have done beef ribs several time, they are my favorite by far. I smoke at 225-235 degrees. Most of the time, my beef ribs go 2-2-1. I like em with a little tug as well. Allot will do with the meatiness of the ribs. Some will just respond to the smoker differently. I say try your method you use on pork ribs. No matter how you do them, they will come out good.
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I'm with the hunter on this one too. I like the 2-2-1 for beef ribs and Ialways look for the pull back and check them for tenderness with the old finger trick. We love beef ribs in this household. alot
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