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About to do my frist brisket in a few days any advice would be great. Thanks.
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Any thing specific got you nervous about it?

Put the rub on, cook it @ 250, wrap when the internal temp hits 165-170 if you want/need to wrap, pull it off to rest when it hits around 195-200 or when the probe slides in and out like butter.
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Here's a link to Jeff's tips

Plus if you do a search and type in brisket you'll find about a bazillion threads to others. Lots of good info on here.

My only advice is to make sure you're prepared for a good long smoke, have plenty of beverages on hand, a comfy chair, plenty of fuel, a tested and true pair of thermometers, a good plan and an appetite for when you're done.

Oh and don't foget the qview!

Good luck and keep us updated.
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abide by the Dude's words
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oh and batteries for the camera.
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Listen to The Dude. He will tell it to you straight and give you great advice.
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The more I smoke, the more I find that resting the meat in an insulated cooler helps (you can hold it for several hours if you wrap in foil and a blanket and then put into a standard ice chest).

With brisket, I like to use more of a savory rub (black pepper, garlic & onion powder, chilli powder, etc.).
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Just put some rub on it and throw it in the smoker and keep the camera close and the computer on here and you'll be more than fine. You'll be golden with all the advise you need if you need any but we will be here for you.
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