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Jalapeno Glazed .......

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Ok I haven't q/viewed in quit some time. So I am making to butts today. One is a jalapeno jelly glazed butt with lantana of texas seasoning the other is a pure maple syrup base topped with lantanas seasoning again. I will update through out the day but for now here are some pics.

the beginnings...

rubbed with the jelly

both ready to go

well maybe I can put alittle more jelly on this

thanks for lookin....
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Looking good. Better than Ramen anyways. LOL
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I planned on smoking a ham with jalapeno jelly glaze this Thanksgiving. Looking good.
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Hey, those are some nice looking butts! Interesting idea you have going on there- looking forward to seeing the progress pics in the smoker. Any worries the sugars will caramelize too quickly?

I know that jalapeno flavor is gonna be fantastic!

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Great Looking Butts...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yes Riv that is one thing I am wondering about..the one thing that might keep it from burning is I am smoking these in the MES and have 2 water pans in it. I am hoping the humidity will keep it from happening. We shall see. Thanks everyone for lookin. Update pics in about an hour.
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Ok got a update for this. Here is what I am spritzing with A little coke some horseradish cream and some Newmans balsamic vinaigrette and el cheapo worchester sauce. The fist pic of the meat is at about 140ish and then the second is at foil the jalepeno glazed is on the right. It didn't really burn at all which was a concern. Will post some pics of finished and pulled. thanks for lookin

jalap is the left one

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Man those sure look good to me and how did the jalapeno relish make it. I hope that the flavors made it to the end. I cann't wait for the finishing Qview.
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Here are the done this stuff came out excellent. I luved how the jelly came through just a little. Really nice bark on this for being done in the MES. thanks for lookin
oh and way better then ramen Dude !

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Good gawd, that was outstanding! points.gif
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Thanks Riv it's been to long since I have made a I wonder why I went so long in between.
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Those look great!! Got a couple jalapeno jelly glazed pork tenderloins fixing to hit the smoke in about an hour!
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That looks great! The one with the pepper relish was absolutely stunning, I want to ask it on a date it was so pretty!

Love threads where new things are tried.
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thanks Jeff and Fired Up. I try to do stuff out of the box. Most of the time they work but some times they are failures.

smoke on !
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