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Flexable Skewers? They're on sale today at

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Look kinda tough to work with. But maybe somebody here will have a use for these.

Fire Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Grilling Skewers – 6 Pack

  • + $5 shipping
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I saw those earlier Dude...did you read any of the reviews under the ad?
It was a hoot.
Might be a cute gimmic, but I have more regular skewers than I'll ever use.

Hey, who knows? might come in handy for someone.
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No, I think they're legit. They just look like a PITA to me. Could be handy for the right application though. Here's a YouTube video
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Dude if you could figure out how to get an end on them I have enough of that wire to reach plump to Iowa I think. I or we use it all the time to suspend a fancy ceiling systems in the air. It is also stainless steel too and it's just called airplane wire. So if you want some just tell me and I will sent you a roll of about 20-30 feet. and a few connects or farrels as they are called.
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Saw these at The Container Store yesterday. First thought was, "Why."

But after thinking about it I can see why they might be good in certain situations.
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Pretty cool looking! Glad someone posted the youtube vid, because before that I was thinking how useless this looked haha!
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Thanks for the offer Mark. But if I really need em I'd guess I could get the supplies here as cheap as it would cost you to ship them here. Don't really do kabobs that often.
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Like all good IT guys, I checked woot out when I got here this morning. I like the idea, especially when cooking on a drum or kettle and space can be tight. But, I think it would be a pain when trying to flip.
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