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My first ribs on my new UDS

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So this is my first try at some ribs on my newly built UDS Im about an hour or so into it, staying steady between 225-250. I forgot to take pics before but this is what I got so far.

I need to read a little more, as the last ribs I tried on a different smoker came out horrible. But do you guys flip em at any point?

stay tuned to see how these ones turn out!
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They are looking great so far. I absolutely love beef ribs, the best.
As far as flippin, I think its a matter of preference. Some do, some don't. I start mine meat side down for maybe the first 2 hours when smoking at 225 degrees. I give them a quick spray of apple juice then flip the over and finish them meat side up. That way I get a bit of the fat to drip away. After I flip them, they get a spray of juice ever 30-45 minutes until I foil them.

Keep us updatedbiggrin.gif
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i smoke at the same temp range as you on a bds and keep 'em meat side up throughout

can't wait!!
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Good thinking. and holy crap I cant believe I started this smoke without any apple juice! good thing there is a store right down the road.
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Well don't panic, apple juice is not the only thing you can use. It just seems to be the most common. Experiment. I have used captain morgans spiced rum, brandy, jim beam, whatever you think will taste good. Even watered down juice from those jars of cherries you get in the store. Marachino? cherries? Spelling is off on that one I think.
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Yeah, the fridge is pretty empty right now, and I didnt want to use one of my good beers for it, I would rather drink them when its time to eat! Plus its only 9:15 dont feel like drinkin just yet!

foiled juiced and ready.... to sit in the UDS some more....
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Looks super-fantastic so far!
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Looking Great...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Damn those were some good ribs!! I cant tell if I liked the sauced ones or the naked ones better. I would have taken a plated pic, but they didnt make it to a plate! def. something that I will be doing more and more!!
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Awesome! points.giffor a sucessful smoke!
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Great looking chow my friend PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
Did my first ribs this week too - man they are good !!
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Ribs look fantastic. Man am I hungry now. A job well done indeed.
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Thanks guys! This site gives me so much motivation to smoke more and more. The worst part is I always forget to take pics of all my smokes. So Im glad I remembered today!
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great looking ribs, what are they called? i want to try beef ones again, i havent had any luck at all with beef they are always like rawhide. and post some pics of your new uds?
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Man those are some fine looking ribs there Mrscruffles. I like the pull back and you can use many differant things for spritzing like rum, whiskey, water and cidar vingar mixture. So don't panic you did a fine job.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I honestly dont remember what kinda ribs they were, I got them at wal mart. Ill check tomorrow because I wanna go and grab some more! Only pic I have right now.

It was my first build. I was going to paint it, but money is tight and using some oil all over it works just as good as paint for me right now. But I do plan on getting another barrel and going all out on it, with the Webber lid conversion.
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ok well i will look for them for this weekends smoke. and the cooking spray works good, made mine shine real good
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