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Mucho Queu View..Ribs, ABTs, Sides

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I was asked by a friend to do a smoke at his house today. We cooked 6 racks of spares, a bunch of ABTs, LIL smokies wrapped in Bacon, Sausage, Beans, Chilli, FRied 2 turkeys (Another Thread) and smoked 1, Armadillo eggs....I did not get many Pics of the finished product..Things got real busy there at the end and it was turning into one hellofa party...Lot of food, Lotsa people, The friends family all sings and picks the guitar and the corn jug was floating around (I am in the hills on tenn)..it was a good time. Many deer hunting stories and many compliments. Met tons of new poeple and got several invitations to go hunting and fishing....Thanks for looking
  1. Ribs were spares. I did not trim these to St Louis sylem just pulled the membrane and seasoned. Used the 3-2-1 method with Garlic Powder, Tony's, Paprika

2. ABTs Pineywods (Jerrys) Suggestons. I used sour cream and chive Cream cheese, half lil smokie, wrapped in bacon. These were teh best I ahve ever had

Heres the Chicken wings, Armadillo Eggs

Heres some Lil Smokies wrapped in bacon

This was Lunch, My Sweet Italian Sausage

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Looks like a lot of good eating there PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow! What a great looking spread!
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Wow, that's a heck of a smoke, looks and sounds like it was a great time for everyone. I hope to retire to Chattanooga, TN or somewhere near there when the time comes. Hopefully the beer laws on ABV will relax by then. :-)
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Wow what a qview, great job and food, thanks.points.gif
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Gotta love a guy that smokes Pecans!
Looks good Dude, and those pass the jug parties!
Keep partying Hardy!!!
Stan aka Old School
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Man that is sweet!!!!!!!!!

Are you hiding my worms!I like them bad boys smoked brother willie!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gificon_eek.gifpoints.gif
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WOW Chris, Great Qview and Outstanding Spread...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

However you forgot to tell us WHO the Ham was in the pics...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Wow that looks really good, now I'm starvin and is to early to eat.
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Yeah someone sure likes the camera...

Great looking Q.
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Wow thats a feast! thanks for sharing the Q-view.
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My mouth is watering,all these jamiespoints.gif
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looks great Chris i like all the abts points.giffor the spread
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I just had to give you points.giffor a great looking smoke. Thanks for all the great Qview.
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Man thats a hellfa smoke there chris. The ribs look great and the abt's those little smokies sure make a differance. Then you have some eggs and sausage then throw in a turkey bird you are the man for sure.
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That is a perfect party type of smoke...I love it! How was that homemade sweet Italian sausage? Killer ABT's and armadillo eggs...I really like the take out expanded metal tray that they are on...nice idea! Everything looks great.

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That looks like it was a fair amount of work but boy does that look awesome. Thanks for sharing the pictures
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It was more work than I expected, biut well worth it. I didnt get hardly any finished pics and none of my birds, just too busy...Thanks
I bought that rack at Wallt World. Its for open camp fore cooking. i took the lags off and shortened them and put the on teh other side for handles. Works weasome for smaller stuff...Thanks for the points

Ham??????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????
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Looks great points.gif
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Now im hungry!!! Great Qview!!
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