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1st St. Louis ribs in quite a while with Qview

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Hey y'all.

This weekend I smoked 2 chuck roasts, 4 chicken split breasts, and this, a rack of untrimmed (but yes, membrane removed) St. Louis Style Spareribs. About an hour before they hit the smoker I rubbed them with a little mustard and some "C'untry Boyz Rub" (got to love that spelling) that I acquired from mballi3011 in an exchange I did with him.

This one's for you Mark. Me in the world's ugliest shirt. LOL

Did these on the WSM using Seven Oaks lump and apple wood chunks. One chuckie is on top with the ribs and the other is on the bottom rack. The chicken will go on later.

About an hour in I spritzed with straight apple juice

2.5 hours in, time to foil. Starting to get some decent pullback

foiled for 2 hours (a bit too long, they were almost falling apart) then back on the grate unfoiled for another 45 minutes. Here they are getting ready to eat.

Dang these were good. Well I did get to taste one. Me and my 17 year old were doing a bunch of stuff around the house. No plates, just eat. I said to him "Leave a few of those ribs so I can take them over to the neighbor". I didn't think he thought that meant "Oh, so the rest are for me?" But of course he did. By the time I realized that he was mowing through the ribs I walked over and he'd cut a few off for the neighbors and he'd eaten all but one. That I quickly grabbed, because he would've eaten that too. That boy can eat!

Just standing over the tray going to town. Need I say more?

Oh, well. I'm taking it as a compliment. I liked the rub too Mark, thanks.

Thanks for checking out my qview! And make sure you go look for those chuckie
"2 Chuckies. 1 for payback, 1 for me! With Qview"
and chicken threads.
"First ever spilt chicken breasts w/ brine and Qview!"
I was really happy with them.
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Sweet! Nice day, you need to spill something on that shirt!
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Oh that's beautiful.....nothing better than seeing your kids chow down! Oh, and you looked A-Okay in that Gators shirt, by the way. No worries from here- my college football team stinks so bad it's Sub-A.

Great ribs, bud. Outstanding cooking on your part! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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The shirt isnt ugly brother....Nice job my friend...Looks like your son was chomping!!!!

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Great looking ribs Dude...
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The ribs were very tender and tasty. Thanks for the compliments guys. Shirt is going in the oil rag pile. LOL, just kidding Mark.

Thanks Rivet, the kid loved 'em. He ate 3/4 of that rack of ribs, then are a pulled chuckie on a bun sammie, then nibbled on the chiken. And he's skinny too! Big into sports, so he'll burn it all off quickly.
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Great looking ribs there Dude!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gif
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they were certainly good, I doubt notpoints.gif
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I had a tear in my when I saw you in that shirt Jay. I got to me specially right after another GATOR win. I'm sorry about your hawkeyes but it to will be alright after all only one team can be on top. You looked beautiful icon_cry.gif man. Those ribs looked really good and that rub is good and has alittle heat too. I'm glad that the boy liked them do you think he stopped to taste them thou.points.gif
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Thank you for all the comments and the points everyone. I really appreciate it! biggrin.gif

HAHAHA. Thanks for the comments. Guess I'll have to root for the Gators now. Our quarterback is out with a high ankle sprain. Could be a season ender. So much for any hope of a National Championship. Guess the SI jinx got 'em.

It was a regional cover. So you folks down south or on the coasts proabably won't see it.
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Dang dude, you didn't even send your neighbor to the north an invite. I would have glady helped you put some of them ribs away LOL. They look great, and yes, we have a teenage boy, and yes they do eat. Thank god for ramen noodles and mac n cheese LOL.
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The q looks very good but that shirt looks great biggrin.gif
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Sorry MeatHunter, I was going to, but the kid would've eating all your fingers too. LOL I'm going the bank to take out a loan to buy groceries for that kid!

Glad you like the q. I'm still itching from that shirt. I think I caught something from it.
Funny story...My son and I were watching the Florida game Saturday night and he said to me "The way they talk about Tebow, you'd think he'd discovered a cure for some disease" I laughed and said "oh yeah, the media loves the guy" to which he replied "well I guess he's still got the 4th quarter make that discovery."

Now that's hilarious. Funny kid I got.
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