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My dad gave me this....

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Well, I decided I did not want to use my CharGrill anymore to grill burgers and steaks and only use it to smoke meat. I mentioned to my dad that I was gonna pick up something to grill on, and he said he had one that I coul dhave and get it out of his way. Well, now that I have it home, I am thinking I am gonna really like this and make it a nice little project. It is a custom built, all stainless grill, except the legs and the grilling surface. It needs some cleanup and paint on the legs, and new grill. But now that I start thinking about it, it might be nice to try and smoke something on it as well. Take a look at the pics and let me know what you think. I am going to add a thermometer and a vent and exhaust to get some air flow, and replace the wheels. Any other ideas?
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Nothing wrong with another project to keep you honest!
I don't have any ideas. Sorry, how about a side fire box...oh you already have one.
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That is a sweet looking grill. Since you have a dedicated smoker, I'd leave it as is and just grill with it. You can still use it and do some indirect heat cooking using smoke by just adding a vent on top.

Great pops you got there. Maybe he's buttering you up for a good Christmas present.
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Congrats nice score it would make a nice smoker or leave as a grill can't go wrong either way
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Yeah, I think I am gonna just leave it as a grill for now, and maybe do some indirect heat cooking also. Can't wait to clean it up and get to cooking....
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Looks like a nice grill, just needs a little TLC...
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That's a cool grill and a great gift from your Dad!
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Congrats on the new grill and it brings out the meaning "like father like son" it just needs alittle TLC for sure but it will be well worth all the sweat and muscle. I would also say to keep it as a grill for you have a smoker and you can always smoke with it at times too. Just because we here talk about smoking alot we all grill alot too and alot of us grill more then smoke for me it's about even. There are alot of things that just need grilling.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks for the input, my dad is a great guy, hope to grow up just like him.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif I am headed out of town on business, but will have time to kill in the evenings. I will likely be hitting Lowes and Home Depot and getting my ideas together for this weekend to do some work on the new project.
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That actually looks like an old commercial grill. Is it really custom made?
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The Price is Right go for it....good score....
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Nice looking little grill! How big is the cooking surface?

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I believe so, he said someone gave it to him and that it had been built for the guy that gave it to him.
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The grilling surface is 27"x18.5"
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