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Thank you very much...that answers my question. Points for you!points.gif
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Same here, bought one in the fall and absolutely love it. If you buy the bags from the VacUpak place they are alot cheaper than the 50 cents each.
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Thanks for the great information. I began the process of looking for a way to save leftovers. I also wanted to purchase bulk meat from the superstores. This began the search for vacuum sealing. I have spent the last couple of weeks also reading this post. As a result I ordered the vacupac estimated delivery date the 10th. Thanks hound points.gif for the post. Something new to learn can't wait.
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Thanks All for the great reviews. I wished I could take credit for designing this machine, but all I can do is take credit for promoting the product. I do not get anything out of this, other than seeing some happy faces. Kinda reminds me of Christmas when kids get what they want.
Also with the Vacupack. you can use any type bag which is compatable with the Foodsaver, which means all channel bags should work. There are some good deals on E-Bay for bulk bag material.
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  Perhaps you can help me.  I just got a Vacusave Commercial by Tilia but it comes with no instructions at all.  Does it need special bags?  Any tips at all would be appreciated.



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