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Congrats to that young lady of yours!
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Well on the second day of the season, I got my deer. From a horn hunters perspective, its nothing. It is an 8 pointer believe it or not with 3 1/2 brow tines. But from a Meat Hunters perspective, it's meat in the freezer. A couple more and we will have enough meat to go thru to next season. Try to stay away from store bought as much as we can. Well like oneshot said, no pic, never happened, and I'm not much for pics of me, rather have them of the kids, but here is mine. This one and the daughters already cut up yesterday. Made the cuts into the proper food groups. Meat for sausage, steaks, roasts, jerky and some larger hind quarter cuts for pastrami. Oh yeah, going to give venison bacon a whirl too.

And then the best. Yesterday, I made a quick blind for the boy to sit down in our pasture. Made it out of 2 old combine tires. Worked pretty good actually. Sit in the middle and the sidewalls make a nice rest.
Boy came home after school and wanted to go hunting so off with the school clothes, on with the hunting close and down in the pasture he went. I was in the shop working on the old fridge that I am converting into a stump clone style smoker and was thinking, man it would be awesome if I heard him shoot. No more than 5 minutes later, Booom. I dropped my tools and went to the edge of the shop. There he was, standing in the tires. I said , well?

She's down he said. Needless to say, he was very very happy. After all, his sister was riding him since the opener about not getting one.
We have 3 more tags to fill. I hope we do cuz there are hot sticks to be made.icon_mrgreen.gif

The boys doe, about 1 1/2 hours ago.

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Hey Meat Hunter,

Man, that's just great! Congrats on a round of good looking food to stock the freezer, and a couple of great looking kids. You have to be proud!

Can't wait to see your stumps GM fridge conversion...I was thinking that I will watch what you do and maybe use that as a launching pad for my next build...if I can get Mrs. Engineer back around to my way of thinking!
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Can't wait till I get to take my own kids out to hunt. Great job to all three of you! Lot of smokes in your future thats for sure!
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Congratulations. Her smile says it all. Way to go Dad and crew.
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I went with my then 12 yr old daughter last year .It was fun and very memorable. It was more of a picnic and day in the woods.We had snacks and scratched up a fire at the truck and did pie iron shrimp/garlic/cheese hot pies and hot chocolate.We didn't see anything but its hard for kids to sit still and be quite but that's ok. I shot a deer this year and that was the first one in three seasons so I'm back in business.

A few years ago my oldest daughter asked if she could go hunting ,you have to know her but I said "oh Emily you couldn't shoot a deer" and she said "look whose talking" Now I mean emotionally wise she couldn't and she means skill wise I couldn't.We still laugh at that.And yes she is right I'm no big threat to the deer population, and there is allot more to deer hunting than harvesting a deer.Man I love this time of year. Congratulations she is a very skilled hunter .icon_mrgreen.gif
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Congrats MH,
Nothing like a happy "3fer". Two happy kids, and a proud Dad.
Doesn't get any better than that !

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You hit the nail on the head there. There IS so much more to deer hunting that the harvest. I could write page after page about the fundamentals of hunting. I have from day one, told my kids that hunting is not about the kill, but more about taking your place in nature. It's all the things that lead up to the hunt. All the gear, the scouting of the woods, the getting up way earlier than normal and sit in the cold woods. The serenity of watching the world come alive with the rise of the sun. Its not about the size of the rack, its about meat in the freezer. If the one that steps out if front of you has a huge rack, then its a bonus, and should never be treated as an object to hang on the wall. I wish more hunters understood that. It's hunting, not collecting trophy's. My first deer was a 2 pointer in Walker Mn. You could hear me for miles as I was so excited. I still have the photo that my dad took, smile from ear to ear. Same with my kids. Their first deer, smiles from ear to ear. Heck, my daughter even cried she was so happy. Well I'm going on here I see. Get out in the woods when you can, even if in not hunting season. Theres more going on out there than you realize. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great big "CONGRATS" for your son!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Is he using a shotgun???

And thanks for the pic of your buck, I love seeing well taken animals that will feed people as nature provided.

And as far as your ranting, I could not have put it any better. Your kids are lucky to have a dad like you!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Very cool Meat Hunter. Your kids actually know meat comes from an animal and not "the grocery store". These are life skills your kids can pass on to your grandchildren.

Nothing more rewarding than introducing young ones to hunting or fishing.

We've had the slowest firearms season I've ever seen. We usually have least one or two in the freezer by now. Zero! Sat in the rain for 3 hours tonight and no luck.
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Making memmories...those are some of the best i have of my dad and I. Luckily we are still hunting together too...though things have changed a little. Now i feel like a guide! But i love every minute of it. Enjoy it man. Hoping to have my own to enjoy it with someday.
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