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Nothin Butt W/qview later

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It's been a couple months since my last butt, so I couldnt resist when I saw them on sale yesterday for .99 cents a pound. Picked up a 8 pounder, and injected with 5 ounces of a apple juice, sugar, worchestershire, and salt mixture. Rubbed with a modified majic dust mixture and let rest overnight. Got the the MES warming at 6 AM. The MES said it was 29 degree's internal when I turned it on. Got the butt in by 7AM with some JD white oak in the pan. Cant wait for supper tonight. I will spare the pre pics and show half way through, and the final product tonight!

Stay tuned-----
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Sounds like a good start I'll be looking forward to the Qview!!
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You have been here for how long and you haven't smoked a butt in monthes I wouldn't say that to loud they might that your addiction away for that. JK Everything sound good so far and we will be looking back to see (this time) how things are going and see how it all turns out too.

PS thank you very much for your working with our soldiers. You make us proud the be parents of one too
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Staying tuned............
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It is important that we all do our part. For me I have an extreme love of the outdoors, and sharing that is what I can do! Give an extra thanks to your kid from me. I would shake every one of their hands and say thanks if I could.

Dont think my ediction stopped completely the last two months. The smoke has been trickling out over yard birds, roasts, and briskets every week. I have just been resistant to pay 2 bucks plus a pound for pork butts.

Butt is now at 140.. smell is killing me!!!!!!!

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At 155 now in the dreaded plateau. Smell is driving the neighbors (as well as me) crazy.

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very nice looking butt indeed!
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That is looking mighty perty.....Thanks for the work with the soldiers as well....
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Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Ok so I have to apologize that the final took so long. I had to eat some of this burned critter before I went insane. I pulled out of the MES and rested at 196. Awesome bark, and the bone pulled clean with two fingers..

If you havent bought a pair of these bear claws, then your missing out. You can pull a roast in nothing flat!

Sorry no plated view. Served in a simple pile with a side of mashed baby reds, and a small dish of rivets finishing sauce. Damn fine eats that exceded my expectations!

Time for a nap!
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Man that looks good.I need a nap too....Love them claws on the pork/back....
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That's a pretty pig you got there. Looks delicious!
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Egad---That looks GREAT !

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