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Thanks for the good words, Dana I really appreciate them. This was my intention- to post a step-by-step on how to make it from scratch so anyone could do it. I researched everywhere- not just here on the SMF- and couldn't find a tutorial that explained the nuts and bolts on how to make a pastrami from scratch, step by step, so I ended up using about 5 different sources and made my own way through it.

Hopefully this will clear the way for others who want to give it a shot.

And you are completely correct, too.....I will never buy pastrami again either! This was way too good!
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Wow John what a trip. This thing looks like a work of art. points.gifthe point police won't let me. anyways you have some comin to ya.
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Awesome thread John.Looks incredibly good....points.gif

Was the alder to light for the pastrami????
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Oh No! It was PERFECT for the pastrami, just enough smoke to make it delicious but not enought to take over the taste of the cure and brine.

For the point that I'd rubbed with my house-rub (heavy on the paprika, garlic and spices), Alderwood is too light. You need something like oak or mesquite I think to really play off my rub. The Curley's did the ends justice though and all came out great.

Thanks for the recommendation to use Alder on the pastrami, too. I think it is the perfect wood for it.
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Way to go there buddy, sure looks magnificent.

Points to you for a fine job.

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Absolutely GREAT Rivet----Same for your burnt ends, finished on the other thread too.

Thanks for showing how. You airborne guys are great!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

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This shot says it all!

I'm glad this worked out so well for you. Loved the burnt ends too.
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Man, that looks fantastic! Not one thing went wrong from what I'm looking at! I must say, that plated sammy and sides is just about all I can handle...mmm-mmm-mmm.......slurp fest here!

I started to go stir crazy for a minute here...I'll be OK, even though I have 9 (that's nine) more days of curing on my corned beef before I can fire up the smoker to finish it off..........sigh......I'll be OK.

Very well done! points.gif

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Can you provide a list of the 9 spices used in your "strami" dry rub?
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Sure they are~

Coarse Ground Black Pepper
Lemon Pepper (No Salt)
Sweet Paprika
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Thanks for the ingredients, I've got a store bought corned beef brisket soaking in fresh water right now that they will get used on.

Thanks again.
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Aloha Rivet,
Congrats to you on a great Pastrami smoke. Thanks for sharing the step by step Q-views. I will definitely try duplicating a Pastrami from your technique.

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WOW!, that's a mean looking pastrami, great job on the tutorial and pics.

Awsome job Brah!!!
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Old Poi and Maui, thanks for the good words, it was a good one and planning on another starting New Years.

MG~ if you need the ratios or measurements let me know, I only just realized I didn't post them, just used my list-note from the planning stages.
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If you would , please post them, I made my own and will know shortly how it turned out.
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Here you go! I went by smell and taste, so there is no's all in what you like~

1 1/2 Jars ( 3 oz ea) Coriander Powder
1 TBSP Cardamom
1 TSP Cinnamon
1 TSP Nutmeg
1/2 TSP Allspice
1 Jar (2 oz) CBP
1/4 TSP Thyme
2 TSP Lemon Pepper (No Salt)
3 TBSP Sweet Paprika

Looking forward to your q-vue!
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Candidate for a Sticky Thread

Thanks for all the sharing and info. I can't believe how many people have been energized, myself included, by this thread. As soon as I get back after the Holidays my journey will begin thanks John.points.gif
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I'm not sure what is available to you but many spices can be bought in a soluble form and are very good for pumping in a brine. The only tough part is that they are usually very concentrated and not always suitable for small batches. I use soluble california spice for hams and bacon but they do come in individual spices as well as mixtures. Check out a commercial butcher supplier. These spices sometimes have a much better shelf life too.
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