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Baby-backs, short ribs and ABT'S

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Went all out last night and did a rack of Baby Backs, 4 short ribs a a dozen ABT's. Used a 2-2-1 method for the meat. It was killer. I split the Japs and filled them with cream cheese, 5 types of cheese and Beef Little Smokies in a bacon wrap. The ABT's took about an hour at 230. Smoked over Maple. Wife loved them and I was rewarded later.
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You were rewarded later huh? How about some pics? Of the smoke I mean, not the reward LOL.
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Yeah carefull.He has grampy in the username...icon_eek.gif
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Just ordered a Nikon L20. Due in on Monday.
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Sounds like a good smoke good work
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I gave 2 of the ABT'S to my neighbor who is a prfrssional trained chef. Blew him away. The Little Smokies made the dif.
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Yeah, ya went and gave it to the wrong person.....

The Chef will take and have those ABT's on the menu and charge $15 per appetizer.LMAO I was a chef, I'd do it!!!
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Heat or Taste...icon_mrgreen.gif

Sounds like a great smoke...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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The more I think about those ABT's he made, the hungrier I'm gettin. Japs, cheese, little smokies and bacon? I for sure have to tuck this one into my recipe book.
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It sounds like you did a great job but I'm wondering if you did it or not. Vause you know if there's no Q it didn't happen. Just Kidding but you have the carrot.
Remember you have the candy and we are the kids.
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