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Anyone have a Big Green Egg?

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I am thinking of upgrading but would like to hear some opinions from someone who has one or has used one. Anyone?
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I don't have one (wish I did). I don't think I've ever heard anything negative about them except for the fact they are heavy and difficult to move around.

Sure, a few folks have had seal/gasket issues, but I don't think those problems are any more common in the BGEs than with any other grill/smoker.

If you get one, you can make the pilgramage to the Eggfest.

If it's in your budget, I'd say go for it.

What's that saying? "When you buy the best, you only cry once."
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One of the guys I work with has one and he LOVES it... He smoked a Brisket for 18 hours on one chimney of Lump Charcoalicon_eek.gif.... I'd end u p going through almost a bag for that.
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Friend has one.Awesome versatile smoker.Not the cheapest,but it makes me a wee bit jealous.
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I know a guy that as one and he thinks it's great but I don't know but it his and not mine.
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Unfortunately I don't have one either, but I go to this guy: all the time and he cooks on one that he has mounted on a cool little trailer/cart. There are a couple short videos of him cooking with it. If you only watch one of them watch the first one all the way through. They show him cooking on it some in the beginning, then in the middle it's about the Pearl hotdog factory for a minute, then at the end theres some good video of the egg in action, complete with a pulley mod he made for the cover. He makes awesome dogs, kielbasa, chorizo and linguica (hope I spelled all those right) I would own one if I had the $PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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For that money I'm building a uds. The money I save I'll buy a cow. :)
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For the money you save you could probably buy a small herd.
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there are a few of the members that have them on this forum i have an xl that was expensive but imho it was worth it. it's kinda like having a mac and a pc all in one. you can do everthing other smokers can do plus other things like bake, sear, cook pizzas etc. annd you can do these things nomatter what the weather is outside.
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I have a Lg & small Egg and love 'em. I would highly recommend an egg! If you have any specific questions just shoot me a PM .....
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