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First Smoke - Pork Butt and Chuckie

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Planning on smoking my first butt and chuckie this weekend.
Would like to serve everything around 6pm.
Pork butt weighs about 6.5 lbs. Chuckie is around 3.75 lbs.
Was planning on getting up and starting the fire around 5am.
Putting the meat on around 5:30.

I know the guidelines on time for the butt is about 1.5 hrs per lb.
What are the guidelines for the chuckie?
Should I put it on when I put the butt on?
Planning on pulling both.

Would appreciate any feedback.
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With chuckies there can be ones that are large on weight but still only a couple or 3 inches thick. They might go a little quicker.

But everyone will tell you to cook to temp not to time.

Is the butt "bone-in"?

Be sure to stop into "roll call" and give a proper introduction and tell us a bit about you and your experience level and equipment. It's sort of a law around here. Oh that, and be sure to take pictures. No qview, never happened.
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Temp not time...Those are just guide lines and almost every piece of meat is different. Time should be close on the butt and the Chuckie,,,,,,
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I will be cooking on temp not time, but hadn't seen any guidelines on the chuckie. The chuckie is probably 4 inches thick. The butt is bone-in. Thanks for the replies. I will stop by roll call and introduce myself.
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How did your chuckie turn out? It has beomce one of my favorites. It is much quicker and I can get the near same favor and taste of a brisket. And pulled they are simply uncomparable for sandwhiches or tacos.

Hope it all turned out well.
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True dat! Love the chuckie. IMHO one of the most versitile pieces of meat out there.

Sorry I lost track of this thread. Did it all work out ok?
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Let me know how your Pork Butt comes out!  Am just beginning to smoke stuff... How did you prepare the meat, what temperature did you set, and how long did you smoke the Butt?  What were your results?

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