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Thanks Lord for a successful day!

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Here it is, one day left in the general deer season for centerfire. I've had my license and tag for some time but my work has kept me on the road until this week when I got to stay home and today was the day! I left work at 3 pm and was carrying my rifle into the woods at the pastor's place at about 3:40.

When we got out there we met up with Glen, Pastor Kevin's dad and he told me he hadn't sen any bucks in well over a week and that I might well have missed out on them for the year (again, I'd been travelling throughout the whole dove season and most of the general deer season). Not good news with only two chances left for me!

We talked for a few minutes and walked out to the field anyways and didn't go more than 75 yards when I spotted no less that 5 deer (4 bucks and a doe). I moved to where I could get a shot off and three of the bucks were on the wrong side of the fence leaving this one on my side.

I was no more than 75 feet (not yards) and the deer was standing there straight at me. No shot since at that distance the bullet would rip through the entrails and such...not good eats! Again, if you know me, you know I'm a praying man so, I asked God to turn the deer for me and move the doe from behind the buck.

Doe walks off and the buck turned 90 degrees presenting a perfect broadside target. The buck then looked right at me and I squeezed the trigger. After I recovered from the recoil I saw the deer quivering in the same spot and knew he wasn't going far. He stumbled ten feet and fell. The bullet went straight through his heart and out the other side.

Thank you Lord for providing this deer for the church and the men we're serving. Amen.

Sears Heritage Mk V (aka Santa Barbara) Mauser action .270 Winchester

Simmons 44 Mag wide angle 3-10x44 scope

Winchester 150 gr. Power Point bullet

In a couple of days we'll process him and get to making jerky, sausage, steaks and smoke some hams!
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Dang......I know what you will be cooking...Congrats
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Nice shot too!
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Thanks! A few weeks ago I sighted it in at 75 yards and took practice shots at 100, 150 and 200 feet so I knew I was going to hit heart. Too bad though as I like the heart but there was literally nothing left of it.
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Congratulations, Nice Shot & Nice Buck...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Congrats nice deer PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice buck and that's a great shot! Yummy venison here we come.

as for your small prayer, more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.

Bless you for sharing that fine animal with the men at your church. points.gif
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Nice deer and nice shot Mac!!!! Not to often do we get a perfect broad side shot like that.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Are you going to post some pics of you processing that nice buck????
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Ahhh, nothing like the bounty that nature provides us. Our gun season starts tomorrow. Can't wait. Good shot on a fine looking buck.
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Thanks, and, to answer your question, probably not! I leave town today and the boys at the church will be taking care of butchering, grinding, mixing, etc. I had the fun part of the job and get to leave the rest to someone else! What a great bunch of guys they are!
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Mac, You sure did get the better part of that deal....all play and no work..LOL
You're right tho, great bunch of friends ya got there!!!!

Here's a couple pics of my blind set up in the woods I hunt. I to believe in comfort when possible....lol

What it looks like in the woods closed up....

The inside of my blind with carpet, chair, heater and my shotgun against the tree...(this was taken after shooting hours and I was leaving the woods)

Looking out from inside...(next to the open windows is camo'd screen that I can see out but they can't see in)...

This is a view out one window and what I have to make shots threw, lots of trees to get that good shot at a deer....lol

These blinds are great!!! I've had mine for 9 years and it's still doin the job. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Generally speaking, no one hunts out of blinds in the west, it is a different game out here.
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That is difinately true!!!! You guys are lucky in that you can use rifles for those longer shots. Here in the liberal state of Illinois we can only use muzzle loader, shotgun or handguns for deer. That means we have to do our homework on where the deer are gonna travel and be reasonably close for the shot.
It doesn't make much sense that a person can hunt coyotes here with any size/caliber rifle they want but can't use a rifle on deer.....mad.gif
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Ahh, oneshot, I know how you feel! My wife and kids are still in MO where I have been trying to get back to no avail. I have met and hunted with many a people from Illinois and they all hate what the state government has done to them and I can certainly sympathize (native Californian)!

I do, however use a blind similar to that one for water fowling and turkey hunting though this year I’m going to try a layout blind and a drift boat along the Rogue River which is full of ducks and geese! Should prove to be fun! Either way, my current plan is to overload the freezer to the point where we can donate some of the meat to the local food bank and well as smoke a very large portion for meals as well as snack sticks/jerky.
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LOL....I'm confused....Where do you live, Or. or Mo.??????
Are you a trucker????
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Nice Deer. It just so happens that a man from church brought me a cooler full of venison this morning. I'm going to process the meat and fry some, smoke some and jerk some. I love deer season. Down here in my part of North Fl. when gun season starts we can hunt all day long and use just about what ever kind of gun or bow that we want. We have a kill limit of two Bucks a day. Unfortunately the Doe season is only one week long so we are limited on the number of does we can harvest. It looks like we are going to have a good season.biggrin.gif
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You'er confused?!? Be me for a week!

No, we lived in Missouri and moved to Oregon. One of my kids stayed in MO and was having trouble so my wife went back to help out and she took the young ones with her and I was going to follow her but then the economy turned...
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Of all the things I miss about living in Florida it's the hunting seasons! Plentiful (though small) deer, turkey and water fowl! Oregon is a good close second though! Both are tied when it comes to fishing!
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Nice shot.. not much bloodshot meat gone to waste.. I HATE trophy
hunters . OK to hunt for the trophy if you make use of the rest of the animal too. I also like your choice of weapons. A lot of folks don't know
that it is almost a direct copy of the 98 Mauser. [1898] I am a machinist
and gunsmith and I like them so much that my Rottweiler is named Mauser. Them shoulders and hams ought to go GREAT with Hickory..Hemi.
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