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I've Got Wood!

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Found a good source of free smoking wood today. Went to a custom cabinet/wood furniture shop and asked if I could have some of their scraps. They said sure they were just going to burn them. Came home with maple, oak, cherry, alder, and will go back for more and other kinds once a month or so. Now I need some advice. Will wood like this be good to smoke with? I mean this stuff is pure. No knots, bark, or impurities of any kind. Will this make the smoke better or are those things needed in smoke. What do you guys think?
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I'm no wood expert, but I'd say that if it's untreated wood and free of any finishes, you should be good to go.

Nice find.
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Ive used it before from a local cabinet maker here before I got my lang..Just make double damn sure you dont get a piece in there that has some kind of a finish on it.....That would be bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just plain search for the slightest hint of any type of finish. Free wood is free wood but a day in the bathroom yelling at the toilet bowl isn't worth the free wood. So make sure it there is no finish.
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