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Ham Question?

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Of course getting ready for Thanksgiving & i'm thinking of smoking a ham (not canned). I've tried to look for threads on this, but can't seem to find any? My question is maybe what temp do I smoke to & what about a glaze or spritz? ANY help would be appreciated. Thanks Guys You Rock! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Try this.
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I have smoked bunch of hams and I take them to about 170 or so. I don't glaze them so you are on your own there. I just spritz them on the hour after the first 2-3 hours to let the rub set. I also cut slices only about 1/2" or so deep to give the fat cap more surface area for rub and easier for it to melt. So Good luck and I hope that I helped you.
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I love a jalepeno jelly glaze on pork ! yummies
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I make a glaze of 1/2 the juice of a fresh orange,the rind grated of 1/2 the orange and add honey and warm.....Nice and citrusy and light.

I glaze twice in last twenty minutes.....
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