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First Time Doin Boneless Loin: Help?

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I'm getting ready to put on a boneless loin or part of one. Do I turn it or do I just sit it on the fat side for the whole duration of the smoke?
I've been reading and the only thing I can find out is to smoke around 235 and until internal temp is 145-150.
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actually I'd aim for somewhere around 300 degrees. Flip after an hour or so if you are using direct heat (like a drum). Also, you can lay a few strips of bacon across the top to keep it moist. Just don't over cook it. I pull mine as soon as they hit 155 internal.
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I dont think it'll matter all too much whether you flip or don't flip. I'd probably flip if the door was already open, but I don't think I'd bother opening the door just to flip the loin.

They're easy and make for some good eats. Just don't overcook them and you'll be fine.
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Like GWF said get your chamber temps up. I try and do my loins betwext 275-300* and cook to an internal temp of 145-150*. For some strange reason, the family doesn't like their pork pink.

If you want an idea, check out my Smoked Pork Loin with Mahogany Sauce sticky.
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I personally don't flip anything I smoke but thats me too. I also put bacon on the top of the loin for moisture and put the fat cap if there is one up also to help it keep the loin juicy. Then I too smoke it to about 145-150 maybe a hair under just to make sure that it is juicy and Eman says "pink meats not bad for you it's the green fuzzy meats that bad for you."
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300 degree plus-grill smoke for me.If you pull as mentioned at 150-155 and rest 10-15 minutes she will be around 160 degree when slicing.....

My favorite way is on the rotis, so very even cook!!!!
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Thanx Gang

They're done. Turned out pretty good. Pulled them off at about 147 and let them sit.

Thanx all
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Any pictures?
Haven't drooled enough today so would love to get a look at your smoke.
If no pics, how'd it turn out?
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No Pics

Funny you should ask for pics. Actually I'm tired of getting laughed at here at home. Almost every time I go to smoke something and I get the camera out the wife starts on me about taking pictures of my smoke and I don't take any pics of her baking. I tried to explain to her that when I smoke something it's like producing a fine piece of art right down to the smallest detail like the way the bacon is weaved around the loin instead of just wrapped around it For some reason she's sees humor in that. LOL
So with the loin, there is no q/view. But, it did turn out quite well and it looked good too.
The jokes on her...
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You gotta use psychology here from now on. When she bakes take some pics. Just delete them later.tongue.gif
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