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First lab chorizo recipe results, no pics

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Well folks, I had to start somewhere so I followed this recipe, only changing the type of heat.

2 TBS. Kosher salt
1/2 cup of white vinegar
2 1/2 TBS. Hungarian paprika
1 1/2 TBS. Chimayo hot powder
1 1/2 TBS. fresh garlic
1/2 TBS. Mexican oregano
1 TBS. coarse ground pepper
1/2 cup cold water
5 lbs. pork cushion meat
I let the whole mixture sit sit overnight in the fridge before taste testing.

Problem #1 - I mixed the spices and liquids together and put them in the bottom of the bowl to be absorbed by the meat. Even after hand mixing, it didn't distribute that well as the bottom meat absorbed most of the liquid before I was through grinding. Next time I'll grind the meat and then pour the spice/liquid mix over the top and then mix.

Problem #2 - I used a 3/8" cutting plate, next time I'll go smaller. Not the texture i was hoping for.

Problm # 3 - The overall flavor was very bland, and the color was also very bland. Next time I'll at least double the amount of paprika, and use 1/3 - 1/2 more salt. I'll use about 1/4 more garlic too. The heat was just about right, the amount of natural fat was good, and the flavor was starting on the right direction, but not on the main bouleveard. I didn't bother stuffing the casings, at least not until I have the right recipe. I didn't feel the need for pics of my lab chorizo.
Well, thanks for your time folks, I'll post again on this chorizo trail.
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Excellent start! I would have liked to see a closeup of the pan-frying lab chorizo PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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John, next time I'll shoot a few pics. and hopefully I'll get the recipe closer to what I like. Have a great weekend.
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Be watching for pics...

What is Chimayo Hot Powder and what is the difference between Mexican Oregano and regular Oregano?

Sounds like a recipe I would like to try...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Are you at least able to make some patties out of it and fry it up? Hate to see all that go to waste since it wasn't a complete failure. What about trying to use in as a fatty?

Kudos on the attempt!
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Chimayo Hot powder is made from a NM chile/pepper that is an heirloom plant, and it comes in hot or mild versions. It is a little sweeter than some other peppers, and authentically it is not grown outside of Chimayo NM. Mexican oregano is not as pungent as the Greek version,. but tastier than a generic version.
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My initial taste test was a fried patty, and yes I will make it into some patties, and the rest will become taco meat this weekend. I don't think it would be very tasty as a FATTY. There's always another grind...
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Hey Rich, at least you're working in the right direction. Whenever we ground sausage at the shop, the always mixed the seasonings in after the first grind for even distribution.
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Once again the voice of experience comes through from the clouds of frustration. Dutch, thanks for some solid advise.
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Where can the Hot Chimayo Powder and Mexican Oregano be ordered from do you know?
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Sounds like you learned some things rich.

Using some of my chimayo tonite in beans.I maybe got 36 peppers out of 2 heirloom plants this year.Cannot beat the weather and elevation of new mexico,but still a tasty complex powder.....
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I know there are plenty of sources for spices, but this is my main source for chile powder and other spices http://www.savoryspiceshop.com/

Have a good weekend my friend.
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rich I like the recipe but have a question for ya. Why would you use a hungarian paprika for chorizo. I luv hungarian but for chorizo I would go spanish. Just something that struck me. I will be keeping my eye on this as i am tweaking and contiplating on a chorizo recipe also. good luck
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not only is mexican stronger it is more earthy while the mediterainian is floral.

rich... i didn't see corriander or cumin. these will give it some charactar.
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Man o man rich thanks for the recipe cause chorizo is one of the first sausages on my to do list. So I cann't wait to try making it fresh too.
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Hey Beer, I tried to PM you but you need to clean out your mailbox. You've exceeded capacity!

So, no worries, I'll have some in the mail to you this weekend, I can get fresh Mexican oregano in several places here in town and it sure beats the dried out tasteless stuff from the regular spice aisle.

You'll be surprised at how bright it smells as soon as you open the packs!
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I'm not a big fan of salt but even I would bump it up at least a tbs. Generally I like about 30-35 grams per 5 pounds which would be about 3 TBS..

How long did it rest between mixing and eating? I personally have trouble with fry tests as the mix always tastes different to me after its refrigerated for a day or so and the flavors meld together.
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The only other paprika I had was Spanish sweet smoked, so that's why the Hungarian. I may try the Spanish at some point. Thanks my friend.
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I'd say about 15 hrs. Next batch I'll taste test right after mixing. Thanks for the idea.
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I was trying to keep it simple so that it would be easier to taste what it needed or didn't need. You are right about corriander and cumin, I usually always use them in my rubs. Thanks for your input.
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