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BGE-$400-Cape May County NJ

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Thought I would pass this on.
Big Green Egg, appears to be in good condition.
Cape May County, NJ.
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I have been looking at these for a possible upgrade. Any opinions on them would be appreciated.
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It would be a great addition.
I have a different brand of ceramic cooker that I use when I'm not being lazy enough to keep checking the coals.
I got spoiled and lazy with my Cookshack.
The ceramics are great for both low and high temp cooks.
You can usually get up to 600 degrees with these, I cook pizza at around 500 degrees with a stone and they come out great. Also good for searing steaks and then shutting the unit down and let the steaks finish that way.
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I say it would be a great addition to any arsenal, "believe the hype" on this one.
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I actually got mine up to 750. This things are great. Only downside for me was the round grate. It limited space VS. a rectangle or square grate.
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They make a second tier rack so you can double your rack surface area. Also, when I do more than 3 racks of ribs I use a rib rack. I cant say enough good things about my Eggs.
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I have never heard a bad word unless you crack/break the ceramic etc...

Basicaly a smoker or outdoor oven if you want....Nice rigs.
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