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Have You Smoked Winter Squash?

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Is it good smoked? I'm talkin' Hubbard, Butternut, Acorn and Buttercups. How would you go about doing it? Chunking it and smoking it in a pan or halving the squash, remove the seeds and smoke on the grate?
I'm thinking that an acorn squash halved, seeds removed and filled with a sausage/walnut stuffing then smoked might be pretty good.

Tell me how you do yours.
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I have cut in half my butternut before.I smoked a few hours and then into a 300 degree oven until soft.I have also seen it smoked in 1-2 inch slices.

Very good....Your recipe sounds excellent!!!!

They also make killer PIES!!!!!
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I have grilled alot of squash that seem to be our latest new thing to grill/smoke and just try new ways to do things. We try alot of differant things alot from here too. So we like to smoke squash and stuff them too.
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Thinking of doing an Acorn squash tonight. How did yours come out?
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I have done it halved, with butter. Sprinkled with Brown Sugar and Nutmeg.

I cooked it along with a chicken, came out pretty well.
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Reeko - we must be on the same page. I did halved Acorn tonight with br sugar, butter, and nutmeg. Will post qview tomorrow.

By the way, also did a chicken! WierdPDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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