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Looks great! Gotta love wild game snack sticks.

Next step will be getting yourself a Masterbuilt Electric smoker. The 30 inch model is plenty big enough, and costs about 200 bucks. It is insulated, and digitally controlled. You also do not need to open the door to add smoke chips. You can do everything from snack sticks to Brisket in there.
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Looks real good from here rhino !
Don't stop now-----make a lot more-----I think your buddies are coming over to watch the game !

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Nope, no stopping now. Now it is just more volume, more volume, more volume, and different recipes. The recipe and the process are right where i want them, thanks to the posters here, now it is all about building up the inventory. I am actually going back home this weekend, and getting all of my gear from my father. his passion right now is dutch oven cooking, and only smokes food when i'm around, so he said i might as well take all of the gear with me, so soon I will have a #22 grinder, a 3 lb plunger stuffer, and a remote control 2 probe thermometer that has a sending unit for outside, and a digital temperature readout that i can carry with me to monitor my smoke chamber and internal meat temperatures from inside my house. It is about to get a lot easier for me to make the big batches. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

BTW, anyone have any tried and true recipes for jalapeno/hot sticks?? Or maybe some venison cheese sticks??

And actually, I was looking at the MES for a christmas present for this year. I got the little chief for $20 second hand to get going, and may take it to the lake to have the option of smoking up there. I swear, Cabela's had the MES marked down to 179 a few weeks ago, and it took everything i had in me not to pull the trigger on it then. Down the road I will have one. would you recommend it over the bradley?? The thing about the bradley is that i don't like the idea of paying $20 for every 16 hours of smoke. especially when i have a wood chipper and 130 acres of wooded land with enough hardwood to smoke anything i wanted for the next 100 years. But, if it is a lot better, i would consider it.
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to me, the little chief (or big chief) does what it does very well, and this is exactly the type of thing that it does well. your decision, but 20$ vs. 200$ seems like an easy choice to me.
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That $20 for every 16 hours is why I got the MES myself. It wouldn't take long to spend $200 on hockey pucks for the Bradley.

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Pictures Of The Finished Product!!!

Hi all,

Bearcarver, yeah, I hear you. The bradley is a terriffic idea with the auto feed of the smoke pucks, but a similar belt delivery system could have been done almost as easily with wood chips. Plus, setting and forgetting takes the fun out of it. If I were doing it for a profession, it would be different, but I think i would almost miss playing with the temperature and making little adjustments here and there. I think the MES is what i will eventually go with.

And for everyone else who was with me since the beginning of this thread, I have pictures of my finished product for you. Notice the nice big chunks of fat in the cross section pictures. They are absolutely beautiful. In fact, I like them a lot better that the sticks that i used to buy at the local meat market. They are nicely bound to the casings, and they have a nice pop when you bite into them.

This is all thanks to the advice i got on this board. Thanks again everyone. !!
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Great job there Rhino70. The look fantastic. Too bad I could not help sample them LOL.
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