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GOOD JOB! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif that's very cool. I go to HD or Lowes once a day, I'll be getting this ASAP.
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If you don't find it at Lowes or HD, they mentioned it being stocked at local automart stores, too. Good luck with your project!
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OH, I think you might be right, I don't think they do carry it at HD or Lowes. thx
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I have read in many places there is no good way to keep the paint on a Lang firebox, mine hasn't started to go yet. They say to treat it like a cast iron fry pan, keep it coated with veg oil or Crisco and keep it seasoned and that it will take on a black color.
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That is exactly right, I redo mine about 1-2 times a month, but I smoke food 2-3 times a week usually. Nonstick spray works well too. NOTHING that you use will work permanently. I think I repainted mine 3-4 times before I just gave up on it and went to the veggie oil. After a while, It takes on a nice seasoned look.icon_wink.gif Its the cheapest way to keep the rust at bay IMO
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Im gonna try the cooking spray I think. My paint has really flaked thsi last time I cooked and wante dto treat it correctly. Im gonn just buy a can and keep it on teh cooker and spray after every cook while its hot and Im cleaning it...I will let eveyone know how I like it....Thanks for all the input
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I would apply the oil before it gets hot, and I am going to look into the type of oil to use, highest temp before burning. Not sure but olive oil may be one of them, good luck, keep us posted
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This also got me thinking what the highest smoking points of oils would be. A quick search found this:
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looks like peanut oil has one of the highest and luck has it I just decided to fry 3 turkeys this weekend with peanut oil so I will have to take some out for the firebox..i will let you know how it works
Thanks for the link and info
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510 F: Safflower Oil†

I'm surprised about safflower oil... that's cool tho. Makes for great oil to cook fish in too.
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What is the world is a Saflower??????Anyway I went and wired brushed the crap out of the firebox, Cleaned it with some paint thinnner and let it dry. I then put Cooking ol on it, I know this is what I had in the cabinet. It looked so good I ended up rubbing down the warmer and all the vents, They looked so good i even put some on my motorcylce,,,,,Not really but it got dark on me but tomorrow Im gonna finish the job. Man it sure looked good. I will put another coat on it and saturday Im doing a cook for a friend so it will get a chance to heta up good annd when done Im gonna put some more. I will get some pics tomorrow and some after the smoke...
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If I go the route of seasoning the firebox with an oil-type substance instead of sanding and repainting, would I still need to sand off the old rust first prior to the first coat of oil on the firebox?
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I did......I wire brushed the crap out of it and then cleaned it real good....Then oiled heavily
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Thanks Scott. The weather is going to be perfect this weekend so that's my project! biggrin.gif
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Who is Scott???????????????????????????????????????/biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Yanno - I'm notorious for calling people the wrong name .... my apologies!!! icon_eek.gif
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Shoot I will answer to almost anything.......My wife even calls me Scott sometimes on accident.......Maybe I shoudl change my anme fro Chris to Scott..It would really make her life easier..that is until she starts calling me Ted again...
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I had a Lang 84 Deluxe for a year - and outgrew it fast. Now I have a 108 D with chargrill. It is a beast.

Cons - it's too frikkin heavy - trailer brakes and all, it is too heavy the way we have it set up - extra large this and that - about 4,000 pounds. Tongue weight is easily 400-600 pounds - maybe more. Drops the Yukon XL to it's knees - easily drops a few inches.

Pros - the fire is FAR superior to the 84. in the 84, I needed to keep sticks to a soda can size MAX. much larger and I got smoked out. The 108 is a heavier firebox and larger - much larger. You can literally throw in a log - like a 10" log - and no smoke. It just burns - thin and blue. Very interesting.

Cons - it takes a long time to warm up

Pros - it stay hot with little effort - but let it go down a little - takes a long time to get it back up - you get the idea.

I am going to make a new post and see if anyone knows about a problem I am having.

Back to topic - the fire burns SO much hotter/better, I too haver a hard time keeping paint on anything in that area. I just carry a can with me and spray it once in a while.

I like the seasoning idea.
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Originally Posted by sumosmoke View Post

The outside of my firebox (Lang 48 Patio) has developed more than enough rust and it's been sanded and re-painted once, but the rust has returned. My husband bought some of that high temp enamal paint (found at the auto parts store) and the plan is:

1. sand it down really well

2. apply naval jelly (with a toothbrush or brush .. it will eat up whatever rust is left over and act as a seasoning agent)

3. apply paint

I saw the use of navel jelly from another thread on the forum ...

Naval jelly...unfortunately...does not work...
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