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Help on rub needed..

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I might be putting the cart in front of the horse here but I want to use
some dried jalapenos and sun dried tommatoes and sea salt as a basis
for a rub. I got what U see here onna table. Has any of you got any thoughts on what I need to mix with it to make a decent rub? I am just gonna blend it all together and use it for a base. Pork, Beef , chicken,
sheep ... all or any of the above. Need some words of advice here..


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I would just take some of your favorite rubs that you use now and add the above to it, adjusting to taste as you see fit. And like you said, those alone as a base, with the addition of just some basic black pepper or lemon pepper and some brown sugar would be great on just about anything. Just my 2 pennies.
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japs as a base is gonna make a pretty HOT rub-I think those and the ground tomatoes would complament a good homeade rub-paprika-c u m i n-white & black pepper-dry musturd,garlic powder,onion powder etc,etc etc-just write it down and make a small batch to start with-thats how I do with my rubs and chili powders-good luck.
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I am always a fan off adding some garlic to my rubs. I use garlic pepper a lot of times that way I dont have to buy Garlic and Pepper seperate. I would try some Cumin and a little Brown Sugar for the offset and a little bit of bark as well. Just my $0.02.
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I would imagine that standard rub ingredients would work, you can also try basil, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, dry mustard, just to name a few.
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Personally I would use the tomatoes as the base for the rub then the jalapenos and (if you can) some chipotle to accentuate the jalapeno flavor.
I would say garlic is a must and paprkia (especially a good Mexican or Hungarian would be best) for not just color and filler but for a great underlying flavor.
A bit of oregano but not much, onion powder if you like.
Definitely a bit of sugar and pepper, preferably brown sugar and fresh cracked black or (if you can) white pepper for a better final color to the rub.
And last but not least, a bit of kosher salt, I like to do most of my rubs low sodium but you have to have at least some salt.
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