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My first batch of Brats Smoked up (Pics)

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Throwed a pack of my brats on the Smoke wagon while I was doing chcken (See post in Poultry) and thought I would share some pictures. Wife liked this one. They did not have the flavor I was expecting, a little more mellow than I like. They were good none the less. Casings really did good and didnt split so Im ssuming I didnt over stuff them...thanks for looking

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Just commented on your chicken post, your brauts looks just as good. When you say they did not have the flavor you were expecting, you talking smoky flavor or spices in the mix? The look great from where I'm sitting.
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Spices....I love Johnsonville Brats and they have more italian flavor to them I think. these were real mild.....
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What Brat recipe did you use? Now that you have a baseline, you can always tinker with the spices til you get it to where you like it. Did you do a test fry to check the flavor of the sausage before you linked them up?
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This was part of a sampler kit I got from Butcher Packer. I did not do the fry test but I only made 5 pounds and a first run on all the new equipment. Im gonna get an actual recipe and work on it from there. I was still pleased with this just not what think of when I thnk Brat.....
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Nice looking Brats... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

What is the recipe?
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Nice lookin brats fer sure. Best thing ta do is small batch's, addin in seasonin as ya go till ya hit what ya like. Keep a note book of what ya like an don't like so you can (or don't!) do it again!
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your Brats look great-good and firm-nice color & size,as Tip commented either small batches or a few diff mixes,I don't buy mix but make my own-that way I can tweek to my likeing-I have many links (ar ar) to many great recipes-pm me if u would like some.
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Soak 'em in Shiner...!
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