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Halloween Party 40 lbs o' Butt

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Did a cater job for a halloween party again this year. They wanted double the amount as last year since they ran out early last year. Total uncooked weight was 38.8 pounds and I used my usual Maple syrup coat then applied a spiced up version of my rib rub. Into the fridge for 24 hours then pulled an all nighter so I could pull and serve late friday afternoon just before the party. Meat was done about 11 friday morning and I wrapped it in towels and into the cooler for rest. Got up about 3 whipped up the sauces, one sweet one spicy, loaded up my supplies and such, grabbed the cooler and headed to the party palace. OOPS forgot the camera. Pulled the meat, loaded up 3 serving pans, hit it with finishing sauce, filled the bottles (3 each) with the sauces and headed home to get my costume on. Once again everyone loved it and they did their best to eat it all. We were ready this time though and afterwards there was a couple pounds left give or take. Great time/ great party.

Butts at about 140ish

Sorry but thats all the Qview I have. Just too tired in the morning then forgot the camera later. :)
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Sounds like a successful smoke. Congratulations!
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Man, that looks good.

Thanks for sharing.
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Looks & Sounds Great...
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Thanks Guys, I need to brush up on my Qview Skills. That monster in the front went 12 pounds. :)
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You do need to get in the habit of remembering the camera, Just Kidding. It's all good when your busy and under a dead line you forget some of the little things. the meat looks good on the grill.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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